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Our second CreatorCon Live at Knowledge 2022 is happening next week, May 25 - 26, and we can’t wait to see you there! (Look for Chuck Tomasi in Sydney and Earl Duque and Brad Tilton in Las Vegas).

We’ve put together this brief guide to help you make the most out of your time at CreatorCon because there’s a lot to explore:

Event Highlights (aka what you shouldn’t miss - add these events to your agenda):

Lab recommendations based on your skill level and goals:

Attend a hands-on lab to help guide you through new features and capabilities.

Labs for your skill level

Professional Developers:

  • CCL1142-K22: Leverage RPA to automate mundane and repetitive tasks (Add this lab to your agenda for Las Vegas and Sydney)
  • CCL1065-K22: Journey from zero to one: Configure, Build, and Deploy using AES and AEMC (Add for Las Vegas and Sydney)
  • CCL1139-K22: Three levels of development: Automation (Add for Sydney)
  • CCL1074-K22: Using Decision Builder to streamline automation (Add for Las Vegas)

For Low Code Developers:

  • CCL1054-K22: OMG! You’ve outgrown email and spreadsheets: Now let’s do this right (Add for Las Vegas and Sydney)
  • CCL1055-K22: Add no-code automation to your app (Add for Las Vegas and Sydney)
  • CCL1057-K22: Discover the fastest way to build an app on the Now Platform (Add for Las Vegas)
  • CCL1060-K22: Add a chatbot to your application (Add for Sydney)

Labs based on your goals

How to build your first app:

  • CCL1067-K22: Create your first AES app template in minutes with no code! (Add for Las Vegas)
  • CCL1054-K22: OMG! You’ve outgrown email and spreadsheets: Now let’s do this right (Add for Las Vegas and Sydney)

How to enhance your apps:

  • CCL1069-K22: Best practices for building with Flow Designer and Integration Hub (Add for Las Vegas and Sydney)
  • CCL1074-K22: Using Decision Builder to streamline automation (Add for Las Vegas)
  • CCL1072-K22: Building a killer UX (Add for Las Vegas)

CreatorCon Theater Breakouts:

Experience real-world demo-led examples of ServiceNow solutions.

  • CCB1119-K22: Automate provisioning and entitle users in three minutes with Integration Hub Spokes by Ishaan Shoor (Add for Sydney)
  • CCB1138-K22: Accelerate the self-service experience using Catalog Builder by Paul Morris (Add for Sydney)
  • CCB1116-K22: Integrations for fun and profit by Eric Riemer (Add for Las Vegas)
  • CCB1134-K22: Yes, you can design a great user experience by Sarah Toulson (Add for Las Vegas)

CreatorCon Keynote Highlights:

Join us in this double feature of cool tech and developer success stories! This live session will take you through the latest innovations in ServiceNow’s application development platform and will give you a sneak peek of the roadmap.

CreatorCon Zone in Expo:

Enjoy networking and fun community-building activities such as a fantastic Swag Swap Fest (don’t forget to bring some ServiceNow branded swag to swap), Live Coding Happy Hour LIVE in person, and a fun quiz game (think: Jeopardy).


ServiceNow Maker’s Fair-see the art of the possible with demos like the MakeFarm, ServiceBot, and Lego Train.

Ask the Experts:

It’s your chance to speak directly with ServiceNow product experts.


Remember to pick up your free CreatorCon exclusive swag.

Special Events (it’s a party!):

  • Happy Hour: Don’t miss the Knowledge-wide Happy Hour on May 25th starting at 16:00/4:00 pm (AEST/PDT) at both locations in the Knowledge Expo!

Join the conversation on the ServiceNow Community forums:

Ask questions, share your experience, and network with your peers from CreatorCon and Knowledge -

Or Tweet and post on social media channels with #servicenowdev #Know22 #CreatorCon


  1. Where do I pick up my badge? You’ll be able to pick up your badge when you enter the venue at the registration desk.
  2. Do I need to bring my laptop? Bring your laptop and charger if you’re taking a CreatorCon hands-on lab, training, or workshop.
  3. Where can I learn more about the Developer Program? Visit the Welcome Desk at the CreatorCon Zone to learn more about ServiceNow Developer Program and get your questions answered.
  4. Do I get a free t-shirt for registering for CreatorCon? Yes, you do! Come pick up your shirt at the Welcome Desk located in the Developer Lounge on the Knowledge show floor. You must register for CreatorCon at registration to obtain a CreatorCon T-shirt. Supplies are limited. First come, first serve.
  5. How do I participate in the Swag Swap? Show off your craftwork, share a token gift, or get rid of old surplus swag. We’re blocking time for people to get together to share or trade stickers, pins, 3D printed keychains, old ServiceNow backpacks, or whatever. Don’t have anything to give away? Show up anyway - you’re more than likely to bring home something cool.

Can’t attend an in-person event? Don’t worry! You can access on-demand CreatorCon content online:

  • Register here
  • Make sure to choose your time zone: New York, The Hague, Sydney, or Las Vegas
  • From there, you’ll be able to view the CreatorCon 2022 content library
  • In order to watch a session, just follow the instructions to complete your registration
  • Check the “CreatorCon” box when you register