Nia McCash

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This is a guest post from one of our Developer MVPs, Nia McCash

It’s that time of year again! Knowledge and CreatorCon 2021 presents so many sessions to level-up your ServiceNow skills. If you’re a little overwhelmed with the plethora of choices, here is a highlight of sessions sure to be a hit - all by our Developer MVPs.

Developer MVP Sessions at CreatorCon 2021

A fail-safe approach for implementing ITOM health [CCB1170-K21] By Ashutosh Munot & Dhruv Gupta

This session will facilitate the Do’s and Don’t’s of ITOM Health implementation. We have learned it the hard way but now you don’t need to do it that way. We will ensure that you get what your clients need you to have to provide a better return on investment.

Catalog builder - Quebec [CCB1207-K21] By Jace Benson & Aashish Atrey

In today’s post-pandemic world, the Service Catalog is one of the most common ways your employees and customers request services from your business. The biggest challenge is to get proper requirement gathering and then build it. If actual requirements are missing then the purpose of using the Catalog item gets failed. How do you manage to get proper requirements without any overhead? In this session, you will experience the new UX of Catalog creation, you will learn Catalog item template creation and from template to create Catalog item effectively capturing every single detail in the template. Takeaways: The totally new user experience of Catalog Builder Creation of catalog templates, Creation of catalog items from templates.

Citizen developer program - ‘They CAN have their cake and eat it too’ [CCB1191-K21] By Paige Duffey

Empower your business users to self-serve development. In this session to learn how Novant Health has implemented and maintained a Citizen Developer program, leading to increased output. Find out how to move development closer to the requestor while ensuring a stable environment. Learn how to scale Application development across the organization and safely grow embedded developers while protecting your environment.

Enhance self service with Virtual Agent and IntegrationHub [CCB1232-21] By Alikutty Abdulrazak

Password resets contribute to one of the major shares of calls received by service desks. Converting these calls into a self-service activity improves the user experience greatly apart from the related efforts and cost savings. With the help of a virtual agent powered by Integration Hub and NLU, the session intends to demonstrate a self-service feature to reset user passwords in Active Directory from a publicly accessible topic. The session will explore Action controls in virtual agent which is a new feature added in Quebec and will be used to directly access the AD and Twilio spokes from the designer.

Enhance your catalog items with contextual popups! [CCB1226-K21] By Kieran Anson

When you wish to grab a user’s attention within your service portal catalog item, you’ve likely gone down the route of using alerts and confirm dialogs. Although functional they don’t follow your Service Portal design principle and usually lead to a poor user experience. Leave the browser-based prompts in the past and learn the power of the spModal class for creating simple popups, dialogs, and confirmation modals with your catalog client scripts. - Create an alert modal to inform a user of an incorrect action - Leverage a modal window for a Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) prompt - Template your modal scripts to easily empower non-script savvy folk.

I built a thing - Automatically generating ATF tests for service catalog [CCB1172-K21] By Paul Morris

In today’s post-pandemic world, the Service Catalogue is one of the most common ways your employees and customers request services from your business. There has never been more demand on administrators for new Catalog Items, and it has never been more important to keep them bug-free, as requesting in person may not be possible. How do you manage the testing overhead while maintaining a high level of throughput? In this session, you will learn how to quickly create ATF Tests for your Service Catalogue with the aid of a custom-built ATF recording application to minimize defects and maximize throughput. Takeaways Use the NowPlatform to automate manual processes App Engine is not just for Custom Apps Creating Tests takes less time than you think.

I built a zero latency search engine in ServiceNow [CCB1174-K21] By Anders Figenschow

What do you do if you are not 100% happy with a feature? You can either live with it, or you can do something about it. In this no-code / low-code world, it is easy to forget how much there is to gain if you pull up your sleeves and pro-code your way out of your problems. In this session, you will learn how search engines work in general, and see how a search engine built from scratch can supplement the out-of-box search, and deliver an improved experience for the end-user. Takeaways The Now Platform allows you to build just about anything Creating from scratch is a great learning experience Search can be used for much more than just finding things.

Meetup: Software Asset Management - Implementation Best Practices By Alikutty Abdulrazak

May 18 @ 8:00 am 1h ServiceNow Software Asset Management is being adopted by several customers to manage their software lifecycle process. SAM enables tracking, evaluation and management of software licenses rights, compliance and optimization. The session would cover on best practices that you need to consider before implementing any SAM project.

Self-service catalog management: Scale form creation to citizen developers [SES1358-K21] By Ashutosh Munot

NN Group spent almost two days of work per week creating catalog forms instead of focusing on more important priorities and innovations that would serve the business. In response, NN Group quickly created a Self-Service Catalog Management app (SSCAM) using App Engine. This app allows employees in the company to be trained and certified as citizen developers so they can:

  • Create their own catalog items linked to their services
  • Utilize already existing IntegrationHub integrations (spokes)
  • Create their own Scripted REST API /PowerShell integrations
  • Leverage fully guided tours training in ServiceNow with a certification program to validate attendee knowledge
  • Auto deploy functionality, so no bi-weekly release is needed

Join this session to learn how they were able to scale innovation with a citizen development approach.

Script includes: What are they and why should I care? [CCB1193-K21] By Eric Riemer

Script Includes are an extremely powerful tool. You can run Server code from Client scripts, write a function once to use over and over again, and more. Most beginner and even intermediate ServiceNow Developers don’t have a good grasp on what a Script Include is for. They don’t know when and why to use them. Key takeaways would be: Running Server-side code from Client scripts Re-usable functionality Things that are a good fit to be moved to a Script Include How to understand what oob scripts calling a Script Include is doing.