The Developer Program team is really excited about what we have in store for developers at CreatorCon 21 this year!

Here’s everything that we think you as a builder or developer need to know about.


Starting on May 11th, we’ve got the ever-popular hands-on, on-demand, labs to guide you through all of our new and popular features. Everything from building your first application in minutes to simplifying integrations and authentication. You can do them at your own pace and on your own schedule! But be sure to sign up!


As always, we have plenty of great breakout sessions. You’ll hear from your peers as they talk about solutions they’ve built and how they did it. Take a look at the agenda, we’re sure there’s something that will catch your interest.

Live Content

We’ve tried to build in plenty of networking time into CreatorCon21 so you can get live, in-person interaction with other builders, developers, and architects attending this year. Share ideas, trade secrets, and show off your accomplishments.

Ask the Experts

Those of you with a Connect Pass, be sure to watch your agenda for Ask the Experts sessions to interact with session authors and speakers.

Live Coding Happy Hour and Build with Chuck

Also along the live theme, we’ve got a special episode of Live Coding Happy Hour with Andrew Barnes and Brad Tilton where they’ll build something unscripted on the platform. Witness the real development challenges they face and how they deal with them.

For the low-code audience, check out Build with Chuck where Chuck Tomasi takes you through the steps to build a low-code app in minutes. Chuck explains step-by-step as we go from spreadsheet to cross department workflow, proving that anyone can build an app!

Fun sessions: Jeopardy and Karaoke

We have a couple more really fun sessions for during the event you won’t want to miss!

First, Jeopardy is returning to CreatorCon. This is based on the popular TV game show where players answer trivia questions, only ours is using a ServiceNow Jeopardy app that Chuck created to run the game. We challenge you to test your ServiceNow developer knowledge against our ServiceNow experts in the US, EMEA, and Australia as they attempt to raise money for their favorite charity.

And we’ve got another charity event where Chuck will do his best to sing karaoke on May 20th for up to four hours! We’ll use another ServiceNow app Chuck wrote to manage the party. Join us to make requests, upvote other’s requests, chat live and more. It’s going to be a rockin’ party so come join your friends!

Evolution of ServiceNow Development Panel

We’re also really looking forward to the panel with some seriously experienced ServiceNow veterans where we’ll talk about how developing on the platform has changed (or not) since the early days. Be sure to put The Evolution of ServiceNow Development panel on your agenda.

Chuck will be joined by the lovely Jessi Graves and two names you might recognize from the demo data, David Loo and Bow Ruggeri, who also happen to be two of the company founders. I hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be a memorable discussion.

CreatorCon Hackathon

Of course, it wouldn’t be CreatorCon without a Hackathon. The 24-hour Hackathon event takes place on May 8th, and you can find more details on the CreatorCon Hackathon 2021 post. Then, Join Marcus Torres and Brad Tilton as they discuss what a hackathon is, why they are important, and what we look for in a winner. Hear about the finalists’ apps, how they were chosen, and which app will be crowned the 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon Winner on May 18th!

We hope to see you there!

As you can see, there is a lot going on during the two weeks of CreatorCon21 this year. For up to date news and updates on what’s going on with CreatorCon, follow our developer advocates on social media: