The Developer Program team is really excited about what we have in store for developers at CreatorCon 21 this year! Here’s everything that we think you as a builder or developer need to know about. Labs Starting on May 11th, we’ve got the ever-popular hands-on, on-demand, labs to guide you through all of our new and popular features. Everything from building your first application in minutes to simplifying integrations and authentication.

Josh Nerius

5 minute read

Last week, I attended the Integrate 2016 + API:World Conference & Expo (and Hackathon!) in San Jose. I met some great people, learned about some pretty interesting APIs and Integration products, and as a guy who spent his first several years with the ServiceNow platform working on APIs and building integrations, it was great getting to geek out on a subject I’ve grown to love. Hackathon I spent Saturday/Sunday hacking on the HPE Haven Sentiment API, meeting other developers, and was thoroughly impressed by the resulting hackathon projects.