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We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge Digital Experience this year. It has been a few weeks since we aired the CreatorCon 2020 Hackathon finals announcing the finalists and winner, and we wanted to recognize some of the teams that didn’t make the finals, but got close. You can find those in the Honorable Mentions section below and those teams will be receiving some ServiceNow swag. We have also included links to the five-minute pitch videos submitted by many of the teams that competed.

Grand Prize Winner

Clinical Care Management (EMR) - Team Volteoans | Healthcare

Clinical Care Management is a one-stop digital healthcare solution to make the patient management, communication between healthcare professionals better, quicker with easy configuration and automation.


Zoom: Extra Crispy - Team Extra Crispy Stimulus Package | Telecom

Drive smart automation from Zoom meeting transcriptions and uncover valuable insight relevant to your tasks. You decide the memorable moments to uncover in meetings. The goal of this concept is to intersect speech recognition, personalized automation, and machine learning. Zoom: Extra Crispy can fill knowledge gaps within an organization by growing a pool of valuable data associated to tasks and meeting discussion outcomes.

Reach - Team NewRocket | Social Good

Through innovative methods, Reach enables users to create a dynamic and personalized hub for the information and resources that matter most to them.

JetVet - Team Sopra Steria | Banking

JetVet leverages the NOW platform and a wide range of data sources to supercharge your Due Diligence program.

KICK: Key Items Crisis Kit - Team World Class Wrackin’ Cru | Manufacturing

KICK is the platform to effectivelyB manage demand and supply of key items during a crisis. KICK providesB in time solutions for voluntary groups and independent small businesses to provide and manufacture goods and protective equipment and for key workers to source PPE.

Honorable Mentions

AdVenture Manufaturist - Click to Win | Manufacturing

Sometimes, all you need is a one-screen interface to be able to control your multi-industry manufacturing portfolio. Trying a new “strategy” in real life scenarios can lead to red margins. SAY NO MORE. AdVenture Manufacturist is a simulation application where a user can rapidly acquire different manufacturing assets to increase revenue while balancing the enhancement of existing assets. It’s a true test in competition too; your performance is pit against others, live! A great strategy tool for the budding Venture Manufacturist. The app itself demonstrates the power and versatility of ServiceNow and its tools.

Annexus - The Mighty Hacks | Social Good

The vision is to build a social mobile experience that connects people across video & voice to create a virtual community based on their interests.

CareNow - Green Dot | Healthcare

CareNow - is a Smarter way to standardise quality home care.B CareNow application aims to improve the quality of in-home care (using features like intelligent assignment, ability to raise care requests, monitoring integration, etc.), address isolation issues faced by care recipient and provide a performance monitoring system for Health care providers and regulatory body.

Connected Community - Scrantonicity-Pathways CG | Social Good

The Connected Community application serves two purposes: Connecting parties offering charitable goods or services with those who are accepting them and helping to coordinate public events related to charity and public well-being. This has value for not only the community, but also as positive PR for the businesses that host or partake in using the application.

EcoNow - Social Goods Initiatives Lifecycle Management - Carnav | Social Good

Organizations want to show their support to promote social good in a consistent and continuous way. Empower your employees to launch and coordinate social good initiatives and promote this actions within the company to get support from other fellow employees to make actions for a better community and world.

Healthcare Service Management (HSM) - Brahmasthra | Healthcare

Our solution helps in covering end to end hospital services. As an end user (Patient) all you must do is download an app and book appointments/pay bill/Know the medication details. Used all latest features like now mobile app, Agent Work space, Flow Designer, Virtual Agent, scoped application b Studio Development, Integration with Twilio.

MedicoNOW-Connect Better - ZeTechno-Sailors | Healthcare

“MedicoNow app is built to provide better communication between healthcare specialists and patients. The app provides an end to end experience for patients and specialists to view/book appointments, connect via chat/VIDEO, join in social Q/A community. Works on both, large and on mobile devices.

Resus Runner - The Down Underscores | Healthcare

In todaybs world, our hospital emergency wards are experiencing an unprecedented level of strain. In cases where patients need to be resuscitated, our emergency doctors and nurses face a high-stress and fast-moving environment where they need simple ways to track and document the actions they take in real-time - whether this is performing CPR, administering medication or taking notes and observations about a resuscitation event. As our hospitals are stretched and new staff brought on board to deal with the increased pressure caused by COVID-19, we need better ways to bring people up to speed with understanding the processes as quickly as possible. Historically many emergency wards have used pen and paper to document these resuscitation events, often needing to recreate the timeline of actions after the fact. Digitizing and simplifying these processes can help our Medical workers to focus more on caring for their patients, and less on maintaining paperwork.

All Other Applications

ConnectedHealth - ConnectedHealth | Healthcare

The purpose of the app is to improve patient and provider relations under a single role-based portal app. The app ultimately retains and bring more patients to the facilities using the app. Most importantly, after the use of the app for several months the app will predict health risks like heart disease from patient personal and medical history.

Contact Tracer - Contact Tracers | Healthcare

DistanceNow - DistanceNow | Healthcare

DistanceNow extends the functions of the Customer Service Management module to address the business needs of the thousands of small and regional businesses that will need to restructure their business models in the highly regulated, pre-vaccine Covid-19 world. Businesses large and small need to be able to broadcast times that retail locations are accessible for safe distancing. They need to be able to schedule special service windows when demand for a location is high or consumers have special needs. They may need to deliver goods or services remotely. Those remote workers need to have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE). Businesses need to track the health status of those employees so they can trace any known exposure between consumers and staff including gig employees. They need to have the capacity to report contact and geolocation information to local health officials.

Patient Health Monitoring - eHackers | Healthcare

SafeVault Application - Enablers | Financial Services

HealthFirstnow - HeadFirstSnow | Healthcare

HeadFirstSnow team has come up with a solution where Hospitals are unable to share referred patient data or send patient data without help of emails to non-network hospital or partner hospitals. The application called “HealthFirstnow” is here to bridge the gap of medical patient referrals to outside network user/doctor/hospital without asking them to login into native ServiceNow. Moreover, automating the peripherals process for patient onboarding and off-boarding.

BayMax - Infinite Iterators | Healthcare

An unified app providing all the necessary functionalities in a single place, Saving time and money for the enterprise as well as its employees. Can be used during emergencies to create awareness. Surveys can be used to assess the mental status of the user and thus notifying the authorities

Policies and Controls for Governance and Management of Digital Business (Banking) - Policies for Governance and Management of Digital Business | Financial Services

Policies and Control - Content Pack (Banking) (Hackathon 118 ) presented by John Jasinski

StoreWorkflows - StoreWorkflows | Social Good

To optimize and digitalize large business operations and help them work with the new normal and requirements.

Virtual Guided Tours with NowGuys - Sushi Samurai | Social Good

We place the nostalgic NowGuys in the right side of the screen. He always moves and attracts us, and tells us useful information. Hence endusers can easily use the ServiceNow instance!!

Social Champion - The Conquiste | Social Good

An application to connect the Volunteers with the NGOs and their initiatives. Report an Incident feature for anyone using this application for quicker response. No manual intervention needed for the connect to be established.

Welcome Back - The OldOx | Social Good

Application to help people come back to work in a safe environment by cleaning meeting areas and equipments regularly.

CSR Management - TogetherWeCan | Social Good

Maps - UpdateSet Mappers | Healthcare

Blood Care - Virage 2.0 | Social Good

Blood care is a ServiceNow based application, aiming to facilitate blood donations, blood shortage emergencies in the hospitals and blood transfer from blood donation centers to hospitals.

Hospital Mapper - Zolow | Healthcare

The Washington Post recently published an article documenting the problem of locating ventilator equipment in Hospitals. My app allows you to view the real time locations of hospital equipment/staff stored in ServiceNow right on a hospital floor plan.