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We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge 20 Digital Experience and great deal of associated content over the past 5 weeks. Since there is so much content it can be difficult to browse specific topics or know where to focus, so we want to help by calling out some of that content in a series of posts. This post is focused on all of the sessions we found related to Mobile broken down by session type.


b Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android in minutes - (8 min) ServiceNow Mobile Studio enables anyone to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android without writing a single line of code. It also accelerates development with packaged design templates and layouts. so you can get started quickly and focus on building the experiences you want to deliver. Finally, Mobile Studio includes all of the functionality you need to extend and customize the out-of-the-box experiences by creating custom swipe behaviors, seamless navigation between screens, and interactive, intelligent buttons. b

Breakouts and Theater Presentations

b Build your mobile app in 15 min or less - (17 min) Customers want the ability to take their work on the go with them. Mobile Studio allows developers and admins alike to build custom mobile apps to meet their needs and make their work earlier. This session will show the basics of how a customer can build a mobile app quickly and easily to solve common use cases.

Creating amazing mobile experiences: guidance, design and best practice - (16 min) Key employees need analytics to monitor, resolve and anticipate business decisions. Native mobile dashboards are now being introduced to provide critical information on the go. Join this session to learn about mobile reporting capabilities and best practices to enable the right people to make confident business decisions based on trusted data.

Delivering an exceptional mobile experience with the ServiceNow Agent App - (12 min) Featuring Oshkosh Corporation. Oshkosh utilized user experience design, citizen development, and agile methodology to deliver an exceptional mobile experience. By conducting user interviews, we ascertained what our fulfillers wanted/needed from a mobile application. We took the feedback and created low and high fidelity mock-ups to encapsulate the requirements before developing. Then, we created user stories and development sprints. We moved stories to production iteratively, providing a minimal viable product and expanding as we received feedback. 20 hours of developer time was saved through the use of the Studio’s no code capabilities. Today, we continue to provide additional functionality and applets, building upon the foundation provided by the ServiceNow Agent App.

Going Mobile: Putting the power of ServiceNow in the palm of your hand - (28 min) Featuring Accenture. Join this session to learn how to deploy the ServiceNow mobile apps. You have a service portal and you have agent workspace, now put that experience on-the-go! Enable both your employee and agent interactions from any device with Now Mobile and ServiceNow Mobile Agent. From the simple request to more complex transactions and across capability areas, learn how Accenture successfully introduced this new channel to our 450,000+ user base. This session will include the strategic decisions behind introducing mobile apps into our environment, options for deploying the apps, quick wins vs. long term goals of functionality and transactions that can be enabled on mobile, addressing potential complexities of current applications.

How one MetLife millennial brought mobile to its enterprise - (19 min) Featuring MetLife. Todaybs workforce is comprised of four distinct generations b and, itbs predicted that by 2025 75% of the workforce will be millennials. This generation grew up with smartphones in hand and was born into a connected and mobile world, which drives their personal lives. In this session, learn how MetLifebs business analystb a millennial - brought mobile-first experiences to life for this 152 year old company.

Mobile Analytics: Optimize the mobile work experience - (20 min) Over 50% of internet traffic is now through mobile, increasing every year. As employees, customers, and partners start to adopt NOW mobile apps, they will expect to get work done seamlessly. With the new release of ServiceNowbs robust mobile analytics capabilities, customers will be able to recognize user behavior and then optimize for user adoption, retention and usage across the entire app portfolio. This session will review the best practices for creating and analyzing mobile analytics reports to give your users amazing mobile experiences.

Mobile Branding & Publishing - (15 min) Many customers require or desire a mobile experience that is branded and secured in alignment with their corporate vision and policies. With the initial release of ServiceNow’s Mobile Branding, customers will be able to request creation of a mobile app using their corporate brand, and secured using popular MAM (Mobile Application Management) vendors. This session will review the details, requirements and process for customer to achieve this enhanced level of mobile experience. b b Mobile Reporting: Tips and Guidance to enable real-time employee business decisions - (13 min) Key employees need analytics to monitor, resolve, and anticipate business decisions. Native mobile dashboards are now being introduced to provide critical information on the go. This session will dive into enabling the right people to make confident business decisions based on trusted data.

50% higher employee engagement with persona-based mobile experience - (14 min) Join us to learn how we personalize virtually everything so employees feel like our mobile app was designed and built especially for them. With our powerful and easy-to-use platform, Now Agent, Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding, we enabled everything we needed to engage our employees like never before and deliver - 50% higher employee engagement and productivity - 85% higher employee satisfaction.

Managing projects on-the-go with Now Mobile - (15 min) Learn how project managers, portfolio managers, and leadership teams can get a real time status of their projects/portfolio on the NOW Mobile App. Review CIO top projects, red/green/yellow status of projects, and how to tag projects as “favorites” to keep a closer eye on them.

Reduce manual steps by 70% with Mobile Onboarding experience - (10 min) How ServiceNow new hires can now complete tasks, view content, and get help across departments, including IT, HR, Facilities, Finance and Legal, all from a single native mobile app. b b

Workshops and Labs

b Get started with Mobile Studio - Lab attendees will learn how to get started with Mobile Studio by building a new app from scratch through Guided App Creator. Webll cover the basics of navigating Mobile Studio, the different types of mobile configuration elements, and important considerations to make before you get started. After building our first applet webll build an application landing page and create a brand-new form that collects user input.

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