Chuck Tomasi

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We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge 20 Digital Experience and great deal of associated content over the past 5 weeks. Since there is so much content it can be difficult to browse specific topics or know where to focus, so we want to help by calling out some of that content in a series of posts. This post is focused on all of the sessions we found related to Flow Designer broken down by session type.


DEM1091 - Now Platform: Now on now - Digitizing business processes using Flow Designer - Learn how our Customer Success team built end-to-end digital workflows in the form of Success Plays in minutes. Success Plays include best-practice guidance from experts throughout the company, as well as sample customer talking points and links to helpful resources triggered reactively and proactively. It drives consistent, measurable, and repeatable business processes across organizations within ServiceNow, resulting in a consistent and predictable experience for ServiceNow account teams, partners and customers. We will show how you can build an impactful workflow applicationn with no coding experience using Flow Designer in a natural language environment.

DEM1022 - Reimagine processes as digital workflows - In a company that strives to digitize and automate manual processes, the demand to establish workflow automation is outpacing IT’s capability to deliver. Flow Designer allows anyone to create digital workflows by providing low-code and no-code tools in a natural language environment. Platform administrators can assign delegated development to business process owners and enable them to digitize the processes they know best. They can create and employ reusable flow components and integrate with external instances and third-party applications via IntegrationHub. Flow Designer reduces costs and risk with upgrade-safe platform logic replacing complex scripts and manual work with workflow automation.

DEM1088 - Now on Now - Streamlining the deal registration process - Learn how we built a custom app for partners to register deals and opportunities in ServiceNow’s Partner Portal. See how you can develop a simple UI, create business logic in Workflows via tasks and approvals, and create SLAs, reports, and dashboards to enable tracking. Learn design considerations to make custom apps scalable and secure.

Breakouts and Theater Sessions

THS1442 - Build a workflow fast using Flow Designer - Come join us to see how you can effortlessly build and automate your enterprise workflow using Flow Designer in a low code/no-code approach. Itbs easy and fast, anyone can do it!

CCB1441 - What’s new in Flow Designer and IntegrationHub - Take a look at the latest features in Flow Designer and IntegrationHub, ServiceNow’s low-code Digitial Process Automation solution. In this session, we’ll review the latest innovations introduced in New York and Orlando.

BRE3168 - Design digital workflows for any process - Workflows are how we get work done. Digital workflows are how we get work done FAST! Find out why more and more businesses are transforming their everyday work processes into digital workflows on the Now Platform. With an easy to use Flow Designer, even the most inexperienced analyst or process owner can help bring work processes into the digital domain. And when those flows need to connect with other systems, applications or data, see how easy it is to use out-of-the-box integration spokes from IntegrationHub to keep those flows flowing! See for yourself the benefits of building your own better way to work on the Now Platform.


CCW1439 - Flow Designer - Leverage low-code digital process automation (CCW1439) - In this session, we’ll do a deep dive on the new Orlando and New York features of Flow Designer, and incorporate IntegrationHub actions into an end to end digital process. You will learn: How Introspection works Leveraging no-code data transformation Inbound Email “Flows” SLA Action Plan support Dynamic Subflows Advanced Service Catalog features and more…

CCW2787 - Add business logic to your app - Discover all the ways ServiceNow can provide business logic to turn a system of record into a workflow application without writing a single line of code. In this session youbll learn to build a prevent users from entering invalid data, improve an existing workflow, create a reusable subflow, and create a new workflow from scratch. This is part of the 8 session Builder series of workshops.

Is there a session we missed? Let us know in the comments.