Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

It is with joy and regret that Knowledge19 is over. Thousands of attendees, partners, and staff descended upon Las Vegas to attend the hundreds of breakouts, labs, and workshops. I am going to share a few of my thoughts about the event. CreatorCon The CreatorCon events are at the core of what we do here on the developer site. I mostly was only able to see the activities in which I was presenting.

Andrew Barnes

6 minute read

Guide to Knowledge So, Knowledge conference. Having attended five prior events and leveraging the help and aid of those with even more experience, I will offer tips for getting the most out of the event. Fifteen conferences have come before. 2019 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada with nearly 18,000 in attendance. CreatorCon which is in its 4th year will have 6,000 developers. This conference inside the conference will be a large part of any developers experience at the event.