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We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge 20 Digital Experience and great deal of associated content over the past 5 weeks. Since there is so much content it can be difficult to browse specific topics or know where to focus, so we want to help by calling out some of that content in a series of posts. This first post is focused on all of the sessions we found related to Virtual Agent broken down by session type.


DEM1219 - Deliver better self-service with always-on virtual agents across any channel - ServiceNow Virtual Agent uses conversational AI to instantly resolve requests and provides on-demand answers to your employees and customers. Instead of responding with static information like most chatbots, it actually makes things happen and completes business workflows by understanding your users and personalizing each conversation. Everyone can ask for help using simple, everyday language, and Virtual Agent interprets the text using natural language understanding before orchestrating the IT, customer service, or HR actions required to resolve each request. Virtual Agent also connects to where your teams are already working in your browser, in the Now Mobile apps, and in collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace by Facebook.

DEM1043 - Create intelligent chatbots that understand simple, everyday language - Enable customers and employees to get what they need, when they need it. You can start to deliver better self-service today, with ServiceNow Virtual Agent conversation templates powered by natural language understanding that handle most common IT, Customer Service, and HR requests. And Virtual Agent Designer makes building intelligent, engaging conversations accessible to anyone through a visual canvas and drag and drop functionality. Finally, NLU Model Builder delivers a no-code interface to create and tune sophisticated NLU models that understand your employees and customers, without any prerequisite data science expertise.

DEM1102 - Now on Now - Creating intelligent chatbot conversations with Virtual Agent - Learn how we use Virtual Agent to quickly invoke automation and easily build conversations without human touch to create experiences for various use cases and proactively deflect incidents.


THS2895 - Introduction to virtual agent and natural language understanding (NLU) - Learn about how Virtual Agent chatbot solution supercharged with Natural Language Understanding can deliver a natural and engaging, 24x7 self-service conversational experience for your employees and customers. Youbll get a look at low-code tools like Virtual Agent Designer and NLU Model Builder that give you the power and flexibility to build any conversation you need.

THS1328 - Build Virtual Agent conversations 5x faster - Join this session to learn how ServiceNow is using our own ITSM Virtual Agent for rapid virtual agent conversations. In this session we’ll show how we began with the predefined topic conversations and how we are now developing rapid virtual agent conversations to make our world of work, work even faster and easier to deliver: - Issues resolved via self-service to 60% - 80% higher employee satisfaction - 5X faster development of conversations

BRE1057 - Get things done 5X faster by leveraging Mobile and Virtual Agents - For the first time ever, we’ve removed the friction from everyday work with Now Mobile. At ServiceNow, employees can find answers and get stuff done across IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments, all from a modern mobile app including virtual agent powered by the Now Platform. Now that our employees have these self-service tools available, this is creating new levels of employee engagement and productivity. Join this session to discover how we’re unlocking enterprise-wide productivity with powerful workflows and an engaging mobile experience.

BRE3097 - The Rise of the Chatbot and the Impact on Employee Experience - This session will focus on how we can use chatbotbs and virtual agents to provide a 247 b balways onb channel for employees to access information and drive actions across an organization. These new virtual friends help create a better experience and unlock productivity for everyone who interacts with them.

THS2956 - Understand how to take advantage of Virtual Agent to solve your customer issues - Virtual Agent enables you to self-serve anywhere, anytime. Learn how to get your tasks done quickly and effectively, so you can focus on more complex cases.

THS1269 - What’s new in ITSM Mobile Agent - In this session, youbll find out how agents can get work done on the go to make work-life as great as real-life for employees. Whatbs new: B7 Ability for an agent to access incidents, tasks, and take quick actions or provide timely updates B7 Add work notes, comments, update incident details, assign incidents to other users, mark an incident as resolved B7 Access their on-call schedule, view upcoming shifts, check who they are coveringbeven request time-off and check the status of requests B7 Ability for a group manager to access unassigned incidents and quickly triage work B7 Take action on time-off requests and plan on providing appropriate coverage B7 Access dashboard and performance metrics giving insights B7 Ability to access the world of major incidents B7 Review active or proposed major incident B7 Access active conference calls for current major incident


CCW1227 - Deliver a great conversational experience to your customers - During this workshop you’ll learn how to design a virtual agent conversation that interacts with your customers, collects information from your infrastructure and deliver a great user experience. Combining solutions (CSM+ITOM) with the platform core capabilities (Virtual Agent) makes possible to give a quicker and better response to the users, increasing their satisfaction and agent productivity.

CCW2790 - Add a chatbot to your application - In this session you’ll learn how to create a chatbot and deliver an interactive conversation to your end users. No coding skills required as you give users a simple way to create and update records as if they were chatting with a live agent. This is part of the 8 session Builder series of workshops

LAB3010 - Create amazing self-service experiences with Virtual Agent - ServiceNowB. Virtual Agent is a platform for providing user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. Implementing a virtual agent to handle common requests and tasks enables your users to get immediate help, day or night. Automating these support tasks with a virtual agent frees your support agents to focus on more complex user issues and enables you to scale your support organization accordingly. In this session, you’ll be introduced to the Virtual Agent, learn about different configuration options, activate the out of the box conversations, and interact with them. You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to get started with the Virtual Agent at your own organization.

LAB3000 - Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to improve virtual agent success rates - Attendees of this workshop will build chatbot conversations to interact with a custom application. They will also add a chatbot icon to Service Portal to make it easy for end users to engage their application.

Is there a session we missed? Let us know in the comments.