Virtual Agent

Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

Virtual Agent The spotlight for today is Virtual Agent which was introduced in London. The developer blog has a previous post Virtual Agent (London) to get you familiar with the product so check it out first before you read on about the new changes in Madrid. On to the changes we go! Condition builder One of the first and notable changes is the addition of the condition builder to many of the activities.

Andrew Barnes

5 minute read

Virtual Agent Virtual Agent is a new feature in the London version of ServiceNow. I have dived deep into this new feature to share with you. Virtual Agent is a form of chatbot which helps guide users with conversation style interactions to get them the information they need or aid them to input a request to your ServiceNow instance. The guided interaction can result in delivering the user a knowledge article, helping them fill out and submit a request, or get them to the right human support queue.