Andrew Barnes

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Virtual Agent

It is ServiceNow new release season! With the New York release in Early Access, we will cover some of the features newly available to application developers. In this post, I will discuss some of the new features and enhancements in Virtual Agent.

Quick Actions

New in New York are Quick Actions. Installing a plugin com.glide.quickactions is required to enable use. I also suggest installing the Agent Chat plugin com.glide.interactions.awa, as that will provide three examples. The out of box ones are only able to be disabled, not modified.


In the image above the three slash commands are visible when in the chat panel in agent workspace. Chat in agent workspace is currently the only place that supports running quick actions. Developers can use the quick action to provide the functionality to agents to perform repetitive tasks. The interface supports menus and parameters, enabling some complex operations like creating a record without ever leaving the chat window. Hopefully, the community will share some of the exciting creations they create for their agents through Share.

Advanced Work Assignment

The significant change around Advanced Work Assignment AWA in New York is the ability to configure and create different service channels. The service channel must be related to a Task or Interaction based table. With the change to support this wide array of table types also warranted a shift in the dashboarding for AWA.

Natural Language Builder


A new application file type! The Natural Language Understanding system adds in a new application file type into Studio, NLU Model. From the Model builder, you can create all the components to enable the use of NLU for Virtual Agent. Become familiar with Intents, Utterances, and Entities.


Note: NLU training is not available on the personal developer instances.

New York Early Access

Early access is wrapping up. It has been a wild ride of new features here on the blog. In the coming weeks, we will return to the regular length and depth blogs. Let us know what topics deserve a deeper dive in the comments below.