Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

It is with joy and regret that Knowledge19 is over. Thousands of attendees, partners, and staff descended upon Las Vegas to attend the hundreds of breakouts, labs, and workshops. I am going to share a few of my thoughts about the event.


The CreatorCon events are at the core of what we do here on the developer site. I mostly was only able to see the activities in which I was presenting. I enjoyed hearing from the attendees how valuable they found the workshops and breakouts that they attended were to them. The wide range of content for nearly all types of developers hopefully made for a very inclusive event.

Make sure to fill out the surveys from these events so that the feedback can be incorporated. The conference teams and speakers highly utilize the surveys to help guide changes.


The show floor was large, loud, and exciting. Partners and SN employees were spread across the massive expo hall engaging with customers. The Developer Program team had space, which I thank all those that came by and visited with us there. The BrewOps challenge space where I spent quite a bit of time, was entertaining and visually appealing. The competition ran all three days, and I think it captured the spirit of team development! The beer that competitors got to enjoy was not shabby either.

The Developer Theater, with it’s continuous short (30min) presentations, was a joy to participate as a listener and as a speaker. You could comfortably sit there and listen to these quick talks, and have little downtime between engaging content. I hope to see this format continued next year.

Informal conversations and Networking

One of the most valuable experiences at any conference is meeting your peers. The discussions you engage in with others that are working to solve similar challenges can be enriching. This type of networking helps make our community more connected and stronger. Make sure you follow up with those new connections so you can keep that conversation flowing between you throughout the year.

I hope the before conference guide was helpful to those that attended. With the conference season completed, the blog will return to regular technical based content.