Andrew Barnes

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We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge Digital Experience this year. The Hackathon winners were just announced via the video session on the knowledge experience platform. The corporate ServiceNow Blog also has a featured post outlining the winners!

The Hackathon team and I had a fantastic weekend helping answer questions in zoom Guru help hours all through the 24 hours! When not helping directly, we were live streaming, and watching live streams. Two teams live-streamed the WHOLE app building process, one of them even did their pitch video live!

The best part was reading all the application descriptions and watching their Pitch videos. The judges furiously had to complete three rounds of judging and record the session announcing the winners in less than 72 hours from the end of the hackathon. You can share in this fun but reviewing the applications below!!

We look forward to you joining us in future Hackathons!

Grand Prize Winner & Targeted Award: Best Mobile Experience app

Virtual University - Team Hakuna Matata

Virtual University Application helps educational institutions to digitally transform by automating manual process, providing amazing user experience for management, professors and students, provide insights that helps management to track success and make good decisions.

Finalist & Targeted Award: Best Now Experience app

Obsequio - Team Devs Without Hats

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published “To Err Is Human”, which reported that between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths per year were attributable to medical errors, costing approximately $17 billion to $29 billion. In 2004, the World Health Organization began supporting dialogue among health leaders, consumers, and health ministers to discuss patient safety. According to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, there are eight common root causes of medical errors: Communication problems, Inadequate information flow, Human problems, Patient-related issues, Organizational transfer of Knowledge, Staffing patterns and workflow, Technical failures, and Inadequate policies. Researchers are currently looking for ways to reduce medical errors. However, few of them are addressing the root cause of medical errors, nor having measurements defined to evaluate the improvement effort - eliminating the root cause of medical errors by applying a permanent fix.

Finalist & Targeted Award: Best app started from AES

OBS Overlays with App Engine Studio - Team PhilGoesDeep

Making the world of streaming work better for streamers! Enhance your Live Stream with Now Experience, using ServiceNow to help manage your stream and enable live viewer interaction from any device, anywhere in the world!


SentimentNow - Team Arnav Solo

The purpose of the application is to make overall service management a more customer centric experience. The app allows for additional insights into how customer see an incident and an agent supports an incident. The time lapsed in receiving the feedback from the caller via a survey combatively adds to the overall time and adds a delay in which an agent/vendor/supplier could have transformed his service management and easily exceeded contractual obligations. In the grand scheme of things where enterprises work with CSM, HRSD, chat bots, etc. this app within ITSM is at the magnitude of a POC. There will be a dollar cost for subscribing to Machine Learning. It will be well worth it the moment a pattern is observed - a disgruntled caller who is quick to escalate, an agent/ebonding that is missing out on reading comments, a CI/category that needs an overhaul in the ways of working due to lack of knowledge. With this app Service Management will work at LightSpeed!

Targeted Award: Most compelling IntegrationHub

RAID (Request Automated In-office Delivery) - Team Scrantonicity

What is the purpose of the product for the business? Yes probably to make $ but speak to monetization, pricing strategy(s). Some products are about driving customer counts, some are competition blockers.

Targeted Award: Best use of Now Intelligence

Virtua Agent- Stretching your enterprise chatbot to its limits! - Team ServiceNow’s Gaming Division (aka Earl Duque)

“Every year, my goal during the hackathon isn’t to simply use ServiceNow’s tools to create a business application, but rather, take those same ServiceNow tools and stretch them to their limits so that we can imagine new applications that are only limited by our creativity.

This year’s tool is Virtual Agent. Virtual Agent as most people recognize it is an Enterprise chatbot with a great user interface for designing dialog trees. But with some thinking-outside-of-the-box, why can’t Virtual Agent also be used for communication with other users? for group finding and role assignment? for self-moderating social Q&A?

Using only in-platform tools, this app demonstrates these “outside-the-box” applications via the simulation of a Virtual Agent being a game show host for all its participants! The game works too! Grab a few others (for the best experience) and head over to$


Back2School - Team Alpha Monksters

What if we tell you that your day-to-day role as a student/teacher/parent would become much easier to manage by just a few configuration adjustments via cloud-based platform utilizing Mobile UI/Web Page UI as well a Chat UI? Furthermore, imagine leveraging this for universities with affiliated colleges through platform domain separation? Why stop there? Perhaps make it available for trainings in Corporate Industry?

ShipmentNow - Team Volteoans

ShipmentNow is a digital shipping management solution built on ServiceNow to make your enterprise shipment booking, tendering, tracking easier and efficient with simple configuration and automation.

SPORTal - Team Les 3 Freres

SPORTal brings people together: Be Healthy, Be Social Pick your sport & participate in the events that suit you best.

LMS Now - Team AECON

This application will bridge the gap between HRs and employees by digitizing the leave tracker system - Will reduce management efforts. increase team productivity - Integrable application will ensure greater visibility towards organization KPIs, better project planning by the Project management department Cost management by payroll and invoicing departments wrt billable hours and non-billable hours IT department can take this as a feeder into the on-call scheduler and critical/priority task assignments

Extended User Profile - Team KMD - TalentLab

“Extended User Profile is a response to the lack of interaction at the workplace due to the worldwide shift to remote work. As colleagues hide behind their computer screens, they do not form close bonds with one another, which can lead to decreased motivation, worse results and low overall incentive.

The introduction of Extended User Profile - highly customizable, interactive user profiles - can be a starting point towards better employee interactions, increased workplace visibility and company-wide initiatives. As a result, employees get to express themselves freely and proactively reach out to other colleagues that share their backgrounds and interests. Other functions include social media integration, visual effects, nicknames, and more.

Educator 3000 - Team CG Squad

Educator 3000 brings the power of the Now Platform to solving the issue of education during COVID-19. Students, Teachers, classes, courses, school work, and grades can now be managed and automated using the Now Platform giving the students and teacher the space to focus on what really matters.

WantedApp - Team Auranx

WantedApp makes the recruitment process easier by making all the different steps accessible from one tool (technical tests, HR meetings, etc.)

LevelUp! - Team Wampa SNOW Beasts

What is the purpose of the product for the business? Yes probably to make $ but speak to monetization, pricing strategy(s). Some products are about driving customer counts, some are competition blockers.

ServiceNow Voice - Team Nuvolo

“We are building a Smart Vernacular Video/Audio Conference Platform using ServiceNow Agents and UI form builder & Mobile Platform. It enable users too have conversation in any respective language & translate all Audio & text conversation on the fly.

This will help users to have cross border support without worrying about language as a barrier. For the current business use case we will be implementing this solution to the health care domain, where information and knowledge can be shared across borders in real time. Doctors and Researchers can create their ServiceNow pages using UI builder, then they will be able to schedule a web conference call, where ServiceNow Agents api can help them to translate their voice on the fly.”