Chuck Tomasi

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Thank you everyone who attended the Q2 Regional Dev meetups! You made it a success! We did four sessions for India, EMEA, AMS, and APJ with India getting the highest attendance. Here’s my overall recap (since all four followed a similar format).

  1. Introductions
  2. Dev Program Introduction
  3. Review of 2021 developer survey results &
  4. CreatorCon 2021 discussion
  5. Jeopardy
  6. Open networking discussion

After Brad and I introduced ourselves, I spent a couple minutes talking about what the developer program has to offer. For the newcomers, it’s always nice to join a vibrant and helpful community. The dev program not only produces lots of content like videos, podcasts, books, etc. for you, but also works with you to get your feedback on the products and there For those that have been around a while, it was a good refresher and perhaps a hidden gem or two.

Following the dev program review, Andrian Bissdorf and Anna Byers gave us some interesting and informative results of the 2021 ServiceNow developer survey. Just don’t read too much into the correlation about how many cups of coffee one drinks in relationship to their developer experience! Thank you everyone who participated in the survey. You gave us a lot to think about regarding the growth of the program. AJ then followed up by discussing the ServiceNow Product Lab program where you can get an early look at what products are coming and how you can provide critical feedback.

Brad then led a conversation around CreatorCon 2021. Not surprisingly, the UI Builder sessions and labs were pretty popular among our technical audience. In terms of “memorable moments”, the charity karaoke event was a highlight with many as well. Thank you everyone who participated to help raise over $4,000 for Code.Org. I look forward to seeing you all at Knowledge 22 where we can fill a ballroom and have a rocking good time singing karaoke in person.

In most meetups, finished out the 90 minute session with a fun game of Jeopardy - the popular US TV trivia game show. We used the Jeopardy app that I built a couple years ago and premiered at Knowledge 19. The game is always entertaining and educational (for the players, attendees, and me.) I even made a few updates to the app over the course of the four meetups to make the player experience better. Feel free to download and use the app for your events.

In a couple regions we did a few a few extra minutes to do some open Q & A. Questions ranged anywhere from technical topics to training to architectural. Nothing too basic was off limits either. This is one of the main reasons I love the developer program. Everyone is always so helpful.

We’re talking about doing another round of these later in 2021 so stay tuned… Until then, feel free to watch this recording.

Screenshot credit: Arshia Khoshnood