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Changes are coming to the Developer Site - Don’t Panic!

Hello, fellow ServiceNow Developers!

Grab your towels and get ready! In a few weeks, you will notice a completely new user experience on the Developer Site. After five years, we figured it was time for an update. We have made considerable changes to the site while maintaining our core values: the site is useful and is easy to use. Once the redesign of the site is launched, we will have a follow-up blog post that walks you through the changes in detail so you can instantly take advantage of the site.

Below is a brief preview of the upcoming changes to get you excited!


New home pages

We have completely revamped the intent and utility of the home pages.

Before you sign in: The brand-new unauthenticated home page will introduce visitors to the Now Platform and share what’s new with the program for returning developers.


After you sign in: We designed a personalized dashboard to feature commonly accessed sections so that you can get to the content quicker. For some added personalization, we’ve included areas where you can easily access your Learn progress, your favorited Share projects, and more.

New site navigation


We have completely restructured the site to ensure that you are only a couple of interactions away from the content you need.

Managing your instance: The most significant change is that your personal developer instance (PDI) is always available from the menu. Just find your avatar in the top right to get to information and actions for your PDI.

Intro/Overview pages: To help you understand each section, we’ve created new pages with introductions and overviews of all the new and refreshed content to give you some additional context and direction.

Footer navigation: The new footer displays the site’s organization so that you can quickly locate where you need to go, regardless of where you are on the site.

A whole new section: Guides


We added a new section on the site for how-to and recommendations for developing on the Now Platform. This section will also explain new features and expansions for developers to leverage. Look for more content in this section in the future.

IE11 No longer supported: The redesigned site is based on a new technology that ServiceNow will be announcing at the Orlando release market launch. Unfortunately, this technology is not compatible with IE 11 and earlier. Incompatible browsers will see a browser incompatibility page. Upgrade your browser, now!

After you explore the new Developer Site, click the feedback icon on the bottom right of your browser window and let us know what you think. With your help, we will create the best developer experience for you and the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Happy Developing!

The ServiceNow Developer Program