Dave Slusher

2 minute read

Did you know that you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your Personal Developer Instance in only a few minutes? It is true. We recently published a video that walks through the couple of simple steps.

It breaks down to this:

  • Log in to your developer instance (or request one at the Developer Portal if you don’t already have one)
  • Enable the Integration - Multifactor Authentication plugin on your instance.
  • Go to the Multi-Factor Authentication properties and enable it. Make sure you have a sufficient number of attempts to login without MFA or you can lock yourself out of the instance without much recourse. The default is 3 and shouldn’t go lower.
  • Edit your User form to include the “Enable Multi-Factor Authentication” checkbox.
  • Open the record(s) for the accounts you want to add MFA.
  • Log in as that user. You will be prompted to create a Google Authenticator account for this account on this instance. Pair up with authenticator.
  • At this point, you’ll need the authenticator code to log in to this account going forward.

If you’d like to increase the security of your Developer Instance, this will do it. Now even a brute force attempt at guessing logins will still require the authenticator code which makes it even less feasible. Note this works for any ServiceNow instance but I am speaking to the Developer Program because these are my people. Rock on.