Josh Nerius

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One of the things dave.slusher and I do every day is read/respond to the feedback you submit on We recently noticed that a number of developers have been running into an odd dictionary issue. This issue could occur in any app, but I’ll focus on fixing it in the Marketing Events application we build as part of the Building a sample ServiceNow application course.

**The Problem


Applies to: Helsinki

If we:

  1. Create a table that extends task
  2. Change our minds and delete the table we just created
  3. Change our minds again and create a table with the same name

This happens:


For the benefit of search engines:

Error 1: Invalid ‘Table’ selected on the Module record. The ‘Task’ table is in application ‘Global’, but the current application is ‘Table Extension Issue’.

Error 2: Invalid ‘Table’ selected on the Dictionary Entry record. The ‘Task’ table is in application ‘Global’, but the current application is ‘Table Extension Issue’. The ‘Table’ field can only select ‘Global’ tables with read access enabled.

In addition to these errors, the Label is forcefully reverted to Task, and it it initially seems like we can’t create a table with this name ever again.

But There’s a Workaround!

The good news is that we discovered a workaround. It’s a bit weird, but should let you create the table with the name you want, and get you back onto a path of productivity.

  1. If you haven’t already, delete the bad table
  2. Create a new table with exactly the same name, but do not extend task this time
  3. Delete the table you just created
  4. Now, try creating the table as you originally intended, extending task

Steps 2 and 3 are enough to flush out whatever was interfering before, and we’re back on track.

We’ve logged an INT to track this, but hopefully this will help anyone currently stuck on the error.

Let me know in the comments if this workaround does or doesn’t work for you!