Andrew Barnes

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[Update October 2019]

Our own mechanism is now deprecated in favor of the Idea Portal in the Community. We absolutely want you to continue to submit feedback about the platform, but this is now the intake mechanism of record. Thank you!

As we continue forward iterating on the ServiceNow platform, we always want to make our tools better and your experience as a developer better. As we plan future releases, we want to know what your pain points are so we can make them better. Specifically, Andrew and myself are looking for feedback on the developer experience. Is there something you would like to see changed in Studio or the Script Debugger or the ATF? We are all ears and will gather your input to roll back into the planning process. You do have a window of time to influence an upcoming release!

To give us this feedback, we set up an inbox for feedback on a public facing instance. If you will fill out this form with your feedback then it will enter our queue and be part of the packet we present to product management. Currently this form does not show you that the submission is submitted due to the public nature of the page. We appreciate your time and hope we can all contribute to better days and faster, more capable development for everyone. Thank you!

Diamond courtesy of Steven Depolo

Photo courtesy of Steven Depolo