Hacktoberfest and ServiceNow Earl Duque

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We are past the half-way point on Hacktoberfest and wanted to highlight the amazing progress so far! If you haven’t participated yet, you still have time! Check out our Hacktoberfest 2021 post to get started.

Remember to claim your prize!

If you already have participated and have made your four qualifying pull requests, don’t forget to go to DigitalOcean to claim your rewards!



Pull Requests

Hacktoberfest completion is measured in “Pull requests” approved and merged so let’s take a look at that first:

  • 20 The average amount of pull requests we received each year from 2018 to 2020
  • 329 The amount we have received during this year’s Hacktoberfest so far!

Not every year is weighed the same of course; Previous year contributions were much larger efforts (eg. an entire app or spoke or integration vs. a code-snippet).

This year’s goal was to lower the barrier to entry. Considering we have more than 16 times the amount of pull requests from previous years helps us feel like we have achieved that goal.

Other fun stats

  • 253 forks across all five repositories
  • 129 forks just in the Code-Snippets repository
  • 107 unique contributors across all five repositories
  • 160 files have been added to the Code-Snippets repository

Amazing maintainers

Shout out to the amazing help we have received this year:

  • Nia McCash
  • Paige Duffey
  • Carleen Carter
  • Andrew Barnes
  • Maria Gabriela Ochoa Perez Waechter
  • Casey Barella
  • Brad Tilton
  • Daniel DrC$s

Code-Snippets top contributors (as of this blog post)

Top 5% of contributors:

  • R3J3NT
  • sumanthdosapati
  • kmohit2809
  • PranavBhagat18
  • alikuttyka

Top 10% of contributors:

  • ishaanshoor
  • paigesndev
  • danr2c2
  • niamccash
  • RahmanM
  • azeezgaa
  • hrobarikt

Top 25% of contributors:

  • mak1A4
  • smartcarleen
  • sn-ajb
  • mr-swann
  • devinvalencia
  • iar42
  • ovarn
  • allenandreas
  • ashu759
  • eriemer1
  • jonahpiascik
  • oasif
  • odinsride
  • ReginaldFawcett

Top 50% of contributors:

  • rmedved84
  • thorn91
  • vandna07
  • vasantharaja-natarajan
  • mgopw
  • 23Thom
  • anillande90
  • dean-croaker
  • Irston
  • jacebenson
  • Lacah
  • litwi1rm
  • rafzk
  • revantKulkarni
  • pratyushasndev

Join us!

You can still participate! If the amount of contributors doesn’t prove to you how easy it is to participate this year, message me directly on twitter or LinkedIn or find me on the sndevs slack and I will personally help you get started!