Hacktoberfest and ServiceNow Earl Duque

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We are past the half-way point of Hacktoberfest and wanted to highlight the amazing progress so far! If you haven’t participated yet, you still have time! Check out our Hacktoberfest 2022 post to get started.

Remember to claim your prize!

If you already have participated and have made your four qualifying pull requests, don’t forget to go to theHacktoberfest official site to claim your rewards:

For the first time ever, they have a choice between a light and dark shirt:


And here are the holopin badges that I’ve earned so far:


Pull Requests

Last year’s goal was to lower the barrier to entry. By October 21st of last year, we had already received 329 pull requests. This year we challenged the community to participate in projects that required a little bit more effort, and by October 18th of this month, we have already received 298 pull requests!

The numbers may feel similar but considering that the majority of participation are higher quality, this is a great improvement over last year!

Other fun stats

  • 279 forks across all repositories
  • 153 unique contributors across all repositories
  • 10 participating repositories. Last year, almost 90% of pull requests by this point in the month were in the Code-Snippets repository. So far this month, only about 30% of pull requests are to Code-Snippets, with the rest spread out across 3 other repositories. People are trying new things!

Amazing maintainers

Shout out to our guest repository hosts and maintainers:

  • Paige Duffey
  • Brad Tilton
  • Jon Lind

Top 5% of contributors so far

  • johndahl-now
  • DavidArthurCole
  • MartinStoyanoff
  • urspvs
  • wiz0floyd
  • aykmrgit
  • kmohit2809
  • shakeel-sheikh

Join us!

You can still participate! If the amount of contributors doesn’t prove to you how easy it is to participate this year, message me directly on twitter or LinkedIn or find me on the sndevs slack and I will personally help you get started!