Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

On this episode, special guest Sarah Toulson joins us to help add an avatar to a user profile widget in Service Portal. Crack a beverage and come join us!


  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:37 Welcome, introductions, and drinks
  • 05:22 Objectives
  • 08:54 Screen share start and what we’re after
  • 10:29 How image fields are stored
  • 11:40 The OOB user profile widget
  • 19:38 Adapting the “get image” code
  • 28:47 HTTP requests with success and failure
  • 34:15 Button styling
  • 36:26 Uploading a new profile picture
  • 42:30 Debugging
  • 47:00 Styling
  • 51:25 Styling with bootstrap column classes
  • 56:10 Screen share stop and summary
  • 57:55 Rating of the drinks
  • 59:19 Announcements

About: Live Coding Happy Hour is a weekly show provided by the ServiceNow Developer Program. Each week join as the Developer Advocate team along with guests work on a developing and enhancing real applications with unscripted and unprepared examples. See how experts at ServiceNow problem solve and learn new parts of the Now Platform.

Credits: Hosts: Chuck Tomasi, Sarah Toulson, Brad Tilton