Mary Scotton

2 minute read

Now Learning is now your one-stop shop for developer learning

ServiceNow is committed to creating great learning experiences for our developer community. We heard your feedback from ServiceNow’s annual developer survey: “Why are there multiple starting points and so much duplicate content? It’s so confusing!” That’s why we’re excited to announce that Now Learning is now your one-stop shop for developer learning! Centralizing developer learning in one place lets us provide more valuable guidance for your career journey and opens more opportunities for you to grow your ServiceNow skills.

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Here’s what’s waiting for you in Now Learning:

If you look closely (and as developers, we know you will), you’ll see some familiar Developer Site content on Now Learning. We analyzed the content on both sites, combined courses where needed, and brought over the ones that Now Learning was missing. This gives you a single “front door” for all your learning needs, making it easy to find the right courses and learning paths for you.

If you’ve already been learning in both Now Learning and the Developer Site, we’ve got you! We’ll be granting Now Learning badges for Developer Site modules that have Now Learning course equivalency. If you are in the middle of a Dev Site module right now, keep going! Complete the module and then head over to Now Learning to continue learning.

For those of you who love the ease of learning on the Developer Site, don’t worry; this is only the first step. We’re going to continue to make things even better, so whether your goal is to get up to speed quickly or to get certified, your learning experience will become even more streamlined and enjoyable.

If you have any questions (and we’re sure you do), check out this FAQ. Haven’t found the answer you were looking for? Drop other questions in the comments and we’ll be sure to respond!