Brad Tilton

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We’ve gotten some questions lately around Developers MVPs for next year now that we’re nearing the end of 2020, and we thought it would be a good time to post the high level criteria for the 2021 Developer MVPs. The MVPs are a collection of ServiceNow developers who are passionate about ServiceNow and inspire other developers by sharing their extensive knowledge freely. They help, encourage, and enable developers of all skill levels and types succeed in building and developing on the Now Platform. Most of their time contributing is personal, and we appreciate their contributions.

You can find the list of current 2020 Developer MVPs here.

Why do we have Developer MVPs?

The ServiceNow Developer Program, which brings you this blog along with the developer site and all it contains (training, guides, PDIs, API docs), created the Developer MVP program to recognize and highlight our community members that go above and beyond in helping their fellow developers. This consists of helping their fellow developers through the ServiceNow Community and/or sndevs, authoring content and speaking at events like Knowledge, CreatorCon, and Developer Meetups, writing technical blogs, livestreaming or creating technical video content, contributing our app ecosystem through Share or Github, and interacting with and promoting ServiceNow developer content on social media.

Hear from a few of our current MVPs about their experience with the program this year below:

This year has been amazing! First and foremost, getting to know the other Developer MVPs and sharing our knowledge and excitement about the platform has been amazing. I have definitely made great friendships! I’ve had a lot of people in the community reach out and congratulate me, and talk about their own development journey and I’ve been able to share my experience with them. In my professional life the MVP badge has sat prominent on my resume, and really backed up my knowledge to my peers. I love the ServiceNow community of developers, and am so proud to be able to represent Australia! - Andrew Albury-Dor

The Developer MVP program has allowed me to get involved in ways I couldn’t imagine! I’ve been able to participate on live streams, have blog articles published and have given personal feedback on products and services. I’ve also had the privilege to interact with other MVPs who are top of class in the ServiceNow ecosystem. - Mark Scott

Getting connected with the other Dev MVPs has been a huge learning opportunity and a motivation booster. I’ve been exposed to parts of the platform I don’t normally work with and new ideas on how to use the platform. And I wouldn’t have gotten started with live-streaming content without their help. - Travis Toulson

How can you become a Developer MVP?

The good news is that there is no single way to become a developer MVP. We want you to contribute in the most authentic ways you can. While one MVP may be heavily contributing to Share and the ServiceNow Community, another may be doing a lot of livestreaming coding and contributing to sndevs slack. We use a points-based system on the back-end to score contributions, but wanted to share the criteria at a high level. We’ve broken this down into a couple of tiers of different types of contributions, with Tier 1 contributions being more valuable than Tier 2.

Tier 1 Contributions

  • Public Presentations/Talks - These are typically Knowledge or CreatorCon breakouts and workshops or presentations at Developer Meetups. Public presentations help share knowledge and inspire other ServiceNow developers.

  • Community Contributions - The contributions could be through the ServiceNow Community and/or sndevs. Interacting with and helping the community of ServiceNow developers is a way for MVPs to give back and help enable other developers.

  • Share/Github Contributions - Apps and utilities uploaded to Share or to a public Github repo can serve as examples and helpful tools to other developers.

Tier 2 Contributions

  • Technical blogs

  • Technical video content and coding live streams

  • Social media interaction and promotion of ServiceNow developer content

So what now?

Now is a great time to ramp up your contributions to the overall ServiceNow developer community if you haven’t already, and be on the lookout for another post later in the year for instructions on how you can submit yourself as an MVP candidate for 2021. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.