Andrew Barnes

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We are pleased to announce a brand new program, ServiceNow Developer MVPs. The MVPs are a collection of ServiceNow community members that are passionate about ServiceNow and share their extensive knowledge freely to help and encourage developers of all skill levels and types. They write blogs, share apps, craft videos, live-stream, contribute to social media, give talks, lead Developer Meetups, answer questions on the community forum and slack all to share and give back to this great community. Most of their time contributing is personal, and we appreciate their contributions.

We will share more information and details about this program as it evolves through the 2020 year. You will see their content linked and shared from this blog and other communication channels. Here are the 2020 ServiceNow Developer MVPs.

2020 ServiceNow Developer MVPs

How are Developer MVPs chosen?

The ServiceNow Developer Program, which brings you this blog along with the developer site and all it contains (training, guides, PDIs, API docs), created the Developer MVP program to shine a light on our community members that go above and beyond in helping their fellow developers. We will release a thorough blog outlining in detail how you can become eligible for the 2021 cohort.

Are you inspired?

If you are inspired by these awesome community members and what they contribute, you can contribute to our ecosystem. All experience and skill levels can participate. Ask questions, answer questions and work towards becoming an MVP, share your knowledge, contribute to a share application, attend a developer meetup.