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Orlando is Released!!

It is that time of the year, new release Early Availability(EA) time. Each EA period is a flurry of activity in the Developer Program. Blogs, Videos, Demos, Slide decks Oh MY! I am always delighted to share and highlight what is new for developers. Below you will find some of those highlights for developers in Orlando. Over the next month or so, you can expect a steady release of deeper dives into the details.

New for Developers in Orlando

Now Platform Capabilities

  • API - CI/CD capabilities (test suite, repo, plugins), scoped import sets
  • Studio - Script Include dependency, conditional logpoints, Source Control editable outside Studio, Partial source control commits
  • Automated Test Framework - List & Related List, Workspace, email & notifications, random string data
  • Flow Designer - SFTP step, SLA Task Triggers, Cancel Flows API, Dynamic Outputs
  • IntegrationHub - Data Stream Pagination Templates, Dynamic Outputs, Mid support for Data Stream, REST for import sets, Transform Functions
  • Agent Workspace - Custom Landing pages, Custom Components, Tons of new Field, Form, and List options and configurations
  • CMDB - Agent Workspace added, Dynamic report via Query Builder


  • Mobile Branding - Custom branding to match company identity, Themes
  • Dashboards - Pre-Configured reports and analytical views
  • Photo Search - Leverage Google Vision API to perform an image-based search
  • Mobile App Management - Support for Microsoft Intune or Blackberry Dynamics to manage device policies and security


IntegrationHub - Usage and Subscription

  • Clone - Profiles to store settings, Preserve update sets (and the crowd goes wild), Script Order field
  • Time

Analytics, Intelligence, Reporting

  • Virtual Agent - reusable topic blocks, chat branding, Notifications, IBM Watson V2 API
  • NLU - Clone models, common entities, system-derived entities
  • Predictive Intelligence - New API framework with extension points, automatic cluster concept, custom stop words

Those are just a few of the highlights you will find in the Orlando ServiceNow release. You can read the release notes to find out more details on the changes. Look for more blog posts detailing new functionality in Orlando in the coming days and weeks. Articles can be found with the Orlando category tag. Until those are posted, go crazy digging into functionality.

Orlando Instances

To get your hands on an Orlando instance, you have a few options:

If you already have an instance

You can upgrade it. From the Developer Portal, click Manage > Instance in the navigation bar. From there, click the Action dropdown and click Upgrade to Orlando.

Upgrade to Orlando

If you don’t have an instance

From the Manage > Instance page, click Request Instance.

Request an Instance: Orlando

This will open a dialog that allows you to select the version you want. Select Orlando.

Version Selector

Occasionally, we temporarily exhaust the pool of available instances for a release family. New functionality on the Developer Portal will allow you to add yourself to the waitlist. When instances become available, you will automatically get assigned one and notify you when that happens.

Wait List

Already have an instance but want to start fresh?

You must first release your existing instance by navigating Manage > Instance. From there, click Action > Release instance.

Release Instance

After confirming that you want to release your instance (back up anything you want to keep!), you will have to wait 15 minutes before requesting a new one. After the waiting period is over, follow the steps outlined above to get your new Orlando instance.

If you would like to explore the new functionality via training, you can go to either the main training landing page or to the learning plan page to get a curated path through the training based on your persona.

Enjoy the new features, and have fun exploring!