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Soon, the 2022 Developer MVP cohort will be revealed but before we get there, we asked our 2021 Developer MVPs to share some New Year wisdom.


  • Earl: Your biggest advocate should always be you**: maintain that portfolio, speak well of yourself, make the best choices for you. A company is always watching out for itself, you should always be watching out for yourself/your family.
  • Chuck: Find a personal project to digitize/automate some project of your own. It will help you explore and learn new things on the platform.
  • Aasish: I would say, keep motivating others developers around you. Letbs build together, grow together, learn together. Be happy, be passionate and enjoy what you do
  • Ashley: Share what you learn with the community either via the community site, the sndevs slack, or your own site. If you have questions about something, more than likely others do too. Document your experiences as a developer if you think they will be helpful to others, the more resources and knowledge we have in the ServiceNow ecosystem, the better! If you’re hesitant to put yourself out there I say go for it, your voice matters and we can all benefit from the community being more vocal.
  • Nia: Don’t be afraid to reach out to the community and to get involved; it’s good for you and good for community.
  • Philip: Dig deep. When new releases happen, upgrade your PDI and start exploring use tablename.CONFIG , don’t be shy!
  • Eric: Find someone you can “watch over their shoulder”. It can be a super powerful way to learn things that you didn’t expect. ServiceNow is a big intricate place and there are tons of hidden little things out there that will make your life easier.
  • Anders: Make sure you have the best basics, and always ask yourself if your feature will work “tomorrow”. Reducing technical debt is the best thing you can do for your instance, and you achieve that by never accepting the need for workarounds, and pursuing the need for proper design.
  • Paige: Don’t be afraid. Don’t shy away from something because you don’t feel like you are able to do it, or lack the knowledge to do it. You can learn, and you will be a better developer because of that learning. If you always say with in your comfort zone, you will never grow.
  • Andrew A-D: Don’t expect yourself to know everything! Ask for help and spend time to learn before agreeing to a timeframe.
  • Mark: Know your resources! You don’t need to know everything from the top of your mind, or you do when taking exams :-) Though do you know about NOWCommunity, Developer Site, Docs, SNDevs Slack, Now Learning, Dev Program @ YouTube, Now Community @ YouTube, and Personal Developer Instance? And do you know how to use those recourses? Get familiar with those resources, how they work, what you can find on those resources. For example if you are starting on Employee Center, do you know that there’s a monthly Academy series on the Now Community YouTube? Or searching for some help on a language or translation topic, do you know how to use NOWCommunity, what keywords to use, and that there’s a specific internationalization community? And don’t limit yourself to only searching… don’t be afraid to ask a question on the NOWCommunity or on SNDevs Slack!

Looking Back

  • Ashley: I loved being a part of the Developer MVP program. Prior to 2021, I wasn’t sure I should even apply to the program. Having the resources and outlets to share my experiences and knowledge with others has really shown to me the power of communication within the ServiceNow community. I have loved writing my blog throughout the year and I hope it has helped others in their development journeys.
  • Chuck: In-person dev meetups again!
  • Anders: I increased my network with so many awesome ServiceNow devs. It made me smarter.
  • Andrew A-D: 100% of the year working from home and spending time with my family
  • Paige: I got to see like… five people instead of three! :)
  • Earl: Joining ServiceNow!
  • Aasish: Waoh, certainly there are many thing’s but the couple of them are really my favourite: 1. Sharing the space with Gurus like Brad, Chuck and Andrew. I would like to warm & special thanks to Brad, I had more interaction with him, he always motivates me more. 2. If I would get a chance to share the space in Live coding happy hour with gurus.
  • Philip: CreatorCon Hackathon, Quebec , Instance Scan, Now Experience
  • Eric: Being forced out of my comfort zone and building some demos with UI Builder, Configurable workspaces, AES, Mobile App Builder, and more.
  • Nia: The opportunities I’ve had and the things I’ve learned from all the other MVPs and the dev advocates as a developer MVP.
  • Mark: Being chosen again as a Developer MVP and Community MVP :-) And being a guest on Live Coding Happy Hour four times ofcourse.

Looking Forward

  • Nia: The developer MVP cohort will be even more diverse and the program will continue to improve to support the ServiceNow dev community.
  • Eric: UI Builder/Now Experience are going to see a big increase in maturity and usage.
  • Paige: That I will see more than five people I hope! And that MAYBE I will get to see my SN developer friends at Knowledge.
  • Andrew A-D: Lots of career changes! The market is going nuts!
  • Earl: Brad’s beard will become as notorious as Chuck’s bowtie.
  • Ashley: There will be some surprises, I can’t say much about that right now. I do know I’ll continue to be involved in sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.
  • Philip: “UI” rules the world
  • Chuck: The entire dev program experience will get better. Portal, learning material, on-boarding, branding, events - everything. We’re going to address a lot of those gaps people have noticed in the past.
  • Aasish: Ibll for sure want to be part of Dev MVP 2022 cohort and want 2021 MVPs should also share the cohort in 2022
  • Mark: No clue, let’s see. At least it’s publicly known that RPA is comming in San Diego (was mentioned on CJ & The Duke). Curious!
  • Anders: Innovation in Servicenow beyond what has been the use before. Not only automating business processes, but peoples personal spaces also. Maybe not directly, but through innovative applications aiding in specific business use cases towards end users.

Thank you

Once again, from the Developer Advocacy team at ServiceNow, we would like to thank our 2021 Developer MVPs.

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