Brad Tilton

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Over the past months or so, we’ve released a number of new UI Builder learning resources that ServiceNow developers should know about. If you want to take a look at the list of resources we have to date, you can check out my UI Builder Resources post from earlier this year.


The first piece of new content is an on-demand NowLearning course that came out today called Now Experience UI Builder Fundamentals. Take a closer look at the fundamentals of the Now Experience Ul Builder and how it can be used to build pages for workspace or custom portal experiences within ServiceNow using components. In this course you’ll learn:

  • Explore how to create and configure workspace and custom portal experiences using Now Experience U Builder
  • Demonstrate how to create pages and page variants within an experience
  • Explain how to add and configure components within a page
  • Discuss page parameters and how to utilize them
  • Describe how to create and use data resources to fetch data
  • Recall how to define and use events, client state parameters and client scripts
  • Explore how to add styling and theming to an experience
  • Recall additional Now Experience U Builder resources available

Developer Site Course

The second piece of new content is the UI Builder Course on the developer site, which contains the following four modules with more on the way.

  1. Create Pages in UI Builder
  2. Events in UI Builder
  3. Client-side Interactions in UI Builder
  4. Data Resources in UI Builder
  5. Modals

You can also expect to see more modules soon.

More Resources

If you’re looking to go deeper on UI Builder or Now Experience in general, check out my UI Builder Resources post from earlier this year and post any questions to the Now Experience UI Framework topic on the developer community.