Brad Tilton

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We’re about a week away from Rome Season from the Developer Program and we’re really excited to bring you, the ServiceNow developer, admin, or curious individual, lots of content. We’re going to be highlighting all of the new products and features we think someone building apps on App Engine needs to know about.

Next Thursday, 722, we’ll be publishing:

  • A blog detailing how to upgrade to the Rome release on your PDI that will serve as an idex for all of our Rome related content.
  • A Break Point podcast episode telling you about What’s Hot in Rome with Adam Stout
  • A Live Coding Happy Hour episode where we explore some new Rome features in UI Builder

The, on Tuesday, 727, join us for TechNow Ep 88 where Chuck and the team will give you a summary of the new platform features in Rome you should care about as a developer.

New Feature and Deep Dive Content

After we get through the overviews we’ll be publishing the following types of content diving into specific features and products every week from the end of July through late September.

  • Tuesdays at 11 AM EDT | Creator Toolbox or TechNow - We’ll have Product Managers and Developers on to demo and talk about their new products and features launching in the Rome Release.
  • Thursdays at 5:30 PM EDT | Live Coding Happy Hour - The developer advocates and friends will do unscripted, live coding with the new Rome features.
  • Developer Blog - We’ll also be publishing blog post every week highlighting and/or doing deep dives into specific parts of the Rome release.

We’ll also have more episodes of the Break Point podcast every two weeks.

The developer program team is looking forward to bringing lots of Rome content! Check out the blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything.