Brad Tilton

3 minute read

We’re going to be spending the first two weeks of our San Diego Release Season focused on the Next Experience, which is the new name for the Now Experience UI Framework and the new Unified Navigation.

Next Experience UI

One of the biggest changes in the San Diego release is the Next Experience UI. The Next Experience Unified Navigation provides the tools you need to navigate between the items you use in your instance in one pane while also being able to receive notifications and set your preferences.

If you’ve upgraded to San Diego and don’t see anything different you can set the glide.ui.polaris.experience property to true to enable the new UI. (Quick note, if you see references to Polaris in property names and other things, that was ServiceNow’s internal code name for the project that brought you the Next Experience UI).

Join us at 8 AM PST on Tuesday, February 8th as we deep dive into the Next Experience UI and Unified Navigation with Ashley Snyder.

We hope you can join us!

UI Builder

UI Builder received a lot of updates in this release, and I’m personally really excited about some of them.

I am so excited about the ability to repeat components (think while looping through components) that we’re going to devote a Live Coding Happy Hour to this functionality at 1:30 PM PST on February 11th.

In addition to repeating components, there are quite a few other updates:

  • Low code JSON editor - The best part of this is that you don’t have to guess at JSON properties anymore.
  • Component Formula Editor - Use a wide array of functions and logical operands to configure components.
  • New layout functionality - Build layouts using the updated layout system that lays the foundation for supporting accessible page layouts in future releases. Configure CSS Flexbox and Grid layouts without editing layout code. Layouts no longer require slots. Users have the option to upgrade existing pages to the new layout system.
  • Enhancements to component styling - Configure component CSS using declarative options that reference theme variables associated with an experience using the updated layout system.

We’ll be walking through a lot of these enhancements on Creator Toolbox at 8 AM PST on Tuesday, February 15th with Ashley Snyder.

Join and let us know if you have any questions.

New and changed Components

Every release brings more and more UI Builder compatible components, and the San Diego release is no different. You can find details in the release notes and search components in the component library.

Join us for Live Coding Happy Hour at 1:30 PM PST on Friday, February 18th as we use some of these new components to build an experience in UI Builder.

You can refer back to our master schedule of San Diego Release Season content, where we’ll be covering some of the new Flow Designer features next!