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San Diego early availability is here, so upgrade your PDI to the San Diego release today! Instructions on upgrading your PDI can be found here.

The developer program is happy to bring you the San Diego release season of our content. Each week during this season we will release a blog post, an episode of Creator Toolbox, and an episode of Live Coding Happy Hour. We will cover the Next Experience, Flow Designer, Integration Hub, Studio, Platform, App Engine Studio, Mobile, and a new product yet to be announced! Here is a quick breakdown/key of the types of content we’ll post this season:

  • Blog: Written news and technical content from the developer program team -
  • CTB: Creator Toolbox is a live YouTube show on Tuesdays at 8 AM PT where we demo new features -
  • LCHH: Live Coding Happy Hour is a live YouTube show on Fridays at 1:30 PM PT where we attempt to develop something we haven’t practiced before. We run into and debug issues developers would typically run into -
  • BP: Break Point is a ServiceNow developer program podcast hosted by Chuck Tomasi aimed at developers -

San Diego Schedule

We’re breaking the season into topical one and two week chunks and will update this post every week with links to scheduled and past content so make sure to check back!


Next Experience

(The new platform UI + what was formerly known Now Experience = Next Experience from here forward)

Flow Designer

Integration Hub

There’s a space between Integration and Hub now!

Developer Tooling

Miscellaneous Platform

App Engine Studio*


Connect legacy systems to ServiceNow, and automate repetitive UI-driven actions. Centrally manage digital workers (robots) for automation across their full lifecycle.


  • Blog | Apr 11: What’s new with Mobile in San Diego
  • CTB | Apr 12: Demo mobile in San Diego
  • LCHH | Apr 15: Building a mobile experience in San Diego

*These products will be released through the store in late March and will not be available in PDIs during the Early Availability period.

Developer Training Content

As of Early Availability the following courses have been updated for San Diego:

  1. Build My First Application
  2. Build the NeedIt Application
  3. Scripting in ServiceNow
  4. Securing Applications
  5. Importing Data into ServiceNow
  6. Automating Application Logic
  7. Flow Designer
  8. UI Builder
  9. Context-Sensitive Help
  10. Reporting and Analytics
  11. REST Integrations
  12. Automated Test Framework
  13. Service Portal