Earl Duque

2 minute read

This week, we are continuing the San Diego Release Season content with new features in Integration Hub, an apt follow-up to last week’s Flow Designer topics. Yes, that’s Integration Hub, renamed from IntegrationHub. Why? Well, ServiceNow is moving forward with new features that will have similar naming and who doesn’t like a little bit of naming convention in the morning?

So, just like our comic books fans out there. For Spider-man, we “respect the hyphen!” For Integration Hub, we respect the space!


Well structured REST and SOAP APIs out there that have throttling or service downtime often return a 429 HTTP status code and a “Retry-After” header, letting the consumer know how long (in seconds) or what date and time you can automatically retry the request.

New Retry Policy Strategy

In the San Diego release, we now have the ability to account for Retry-After retry policy strategies, both as a consumer and host.

New system property

A new sys_property can be added to your instance which controls the maximum time a retry policy is allowed to take before canceling. Multiple levels of control!

Ops view update

Along with the new retry strategy, the Flow Designer Operations view now has a section that shows the results of a retry policy. I always appreciate tools to help debug a process.

Creator Toolbox

We hope you can join us as we demo the features above!

Excel Imports

In San Diego, a new interface within App Engine Studio will simplify the process of importing data from exernal sources and transforming it to ServiceNow tables, including the support of Excel file types.

Live Coding Happy Hour

Crack open a cold one and join us as we unwind and try to build an app using excel as a data source!