PDI Updates

1 minute read


Hi everyone,

Due to a surge in demand for PDIs, we’ve enacted a PDI waitlist on the Developer Site. Our engineering teams are working to increase capacity (current speeds are adding hundreds of PDIs per day) across our PDI infrastructure. Once the waitlist has been cleared, we plan to have more PDIs available for all other users. If you’re currently on the waitlist, please expect it to be a few days before you can get access to a new PDI.

Important note on inactivity: If you have received a notice about your PDI being inactive and you want to keep your PDI, please log into your Developer Site account as soon as possible. Due to the increased demand for PDIs, the inactivity reclaim period has been lowered from 10 days to 7 days to give new users the opportunity to access a PDI. The inactivity reclaim period is periodically adjusted whenever there is high demand for PDIs. The inactivity period will go back up to 10 days once demand has gone back to normal.