Andrew Barnes

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Share Spotlight

Welcome to the second share spotlight! Every Friday we will be spotlighting a project from the Share site on the Developer Portal.

Add to Update Set

For the second installment, we are featuring a project called Add to Update Set Utility authored by friend of the Developer Program Ben Hollifield. This project adds a Global UI Action to place items into your current update set that might not normally be saved to an update set. This is a fairly common use case where you need to move an item up your development stack, but don’t always need that record type to be saved. If you wish to adjust a table to always store record updates in an update set you can adjust that.

UI Action appears

There are some special records that when used with this utility it will perform slightly differently. As an example if you use this on a field dictionary record you will get all the field definitions and dependencies (field, labels, choices, attributes, overrides). You can read more details on the Share Page.

You can use the UI Action from a list view, to move multiple records.

UI Action opens executing contexts

We would not normally highlight a top share item. Next weeks blog post will be taking this share item and extending it and placing that enhancement back to share. This way you can get familiar with the utility before we add some features and walk through placing an item to share.

Keep an eye on this space as every Friday we will provide a spotlight to another project on the Share site we think is worthy of attention. Have fun exploring!