Dave Slusher

2 minute read

Share Spotlight

we are beginning a new feature here on the Developer Blog. Every Friday we will be spotlighting a project from the Share site on the Developer Portal. We dug deep and decided to call this “Share Spotlight”.

Show Flow Context

For the first installment, we are featuring a project called Show Flow Context authored by friend of the Developer Program Tom Cullen. This project does one thing, which is to add a UI Action to Task based records to show active Flows for that record. This is to provide parity with the Workflow UI Action “Show Workflow.” When a given Task record has executing Flows, clicking that link will open a page showing those flows. It’s a handy shortcut to see where Flows stand, and if the record has no currently executing flows you won’t see the UI Action.

UI Action appears

UI Action opens executing contexts

If you want to use this on a non-Task based record, you certainly can. You just need to define it on that record type. I can see some utility in adding this to a project of mine that involves periodically verifying that the Flows for records did the right thing. This will save me a lot of navigating around.

Keep an eye on this space as every Friday we will provide a spotlight to another project on the Share site we think is worthy of attention. Have fun exploring!