Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

Do no Harm

I am going to share some fun things I have used to entertain co-workers. These are meant to be fun and should be used in that spirit.

Which type of easter egg

The first step is to decide what sort of exciting thing you will add to the system. Things like the Konami Code in Service Portal is a great easter egg you can have any time. Changing a friend’s theme in subtle ways is fun to see how long it takes them to notice. Adjusting their display name to be one letter less once a week, is a longer game. Adding a space after any white space tab or converting tabs to three spaces are examples some MVPs provided. Whatever you choose, make it so it is either in sub production only, or is 100% harmless.

How to implement

The details of how to perform your particular fun time will be dependent on what you are adjusting. Scheduled jobs for extended plays are typical. Event-driven based off of login can also be interesting to deploy.

Once you have built your business rule or process that handles the fun part, you must hide your tracks! The skill of your co-workers will determine how crafty you have to get. I will outline the general cunning and leave the super crafty for those that need it.

Create a before query business rule on the business rule table. Adjust the target table as appropriate to hide scheduled jobs, etc. Craft your conditions on the business rule to only apply to the target user(s). Condition: gs.getUserID() == 'sys_id of the target'

In the script, area add the appropriate additional query to hide the targets - and the current business rule as well. If your target record to hide is a different table, then you will need more than one business rule. current.addQuery('sys_id!=18abf823db77c410331b1a56489619c0');

Happy travels

I hope this inspires you to have some fun. Let us know in the comments some of the fun things you have added that made your co-workers and friends entertained. Please try to keep your antics light-hearted and fun.