Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

Upgrading your ServiceNow instance is a well-documented process. There are blog posts, Docs, Checklists, and the success center. Lesser known and documented is monitoring and upgrading your applications. With the increasing number of applications shipped through the Store upgrading, your applications will be an ever-increasingly important function.

Upgrade Skip List

After updating any application from your application repository or Store, a review should be performed of the upgrade history entry. If you are familiar with the upgrade process for your instance, you are in luck; it is the same process. Visit the upgrade history list, find the entry for your applications upgrade, and proceed to perform your review. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you can consult all the resources linked above, for instance upgrades.

Skipped list

In the upgrade history record, the Skipped changes to review related list will contain the items that have been adjusted in the local application that have updates from the application’s remote version. The admin/developer should review each of these skipped entries and decide to merge, revert, or leave the customization unchanged.

I hope this short reminder will help raise awareness of this vital step during updating applications. Please share with your ServiceNow Admin and Developers this reminder to review their applications upgrade history to prevent incidents and missing behaviors from your applications.