Lauren McManamon

2 minute read

*And yes, that title WAS meant to rhyme! * Before we all rush out the door to enjoy Thanksgiving, I wanted to put out a brief reminder. One of the benefits of moving App Engine Studio and App Engine Management Center to the ServiceNow store, is that it allows the product team to make upgrades agnostic of the standard 6-month cycle or patch updates. However, the downside is that there isn’t a lot of fanfare when this happens like for a release.

Lauren McManamon

4 minute read

The San Diego release of ServiceNow heralded in the “single pane of glass” for developer admins - App Engine Management Center. With an entire release now under its belt, “AEMC” has seen some major improvements made for Tokyo, and we want to highlight them for you here today! Rather Listen or Watch Instead of Read? If blogs aren’t your jam, do not fret! For fans of Chuck Tomasi’s Break Point Podcast, he hosted Principle Inbound Product Manager, Brooks Hawkins, to discuss Tokyo’s App Engine Management Center in depth.