Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Author, volunteer, and ServiceNow community member, Tim Woodruff joins for a discussion about his story, apps he’s built, favorite platform features and more. Topics 0:48 - Tim’s profile 3:18 - Origin story 5:15 - His first app 5:49 - Smarter update sets 9:00 - Was this email helpful? 11:57 - Event driven recursion 13:40 - Favorite Now Platform feature 19:17 - One thing he’d like to see changed 24:42 - Advice for newbies 29:27 - Anything else 30:15 - Contact info 30:48 - Sign off Links Smarter Update Sets Event driven recursion Learning material Career info JavaScript series Contact info LinkedIn Website Twitter Listen Subscribe to Break Point Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music Stitcher TuneIn RSS

Dave Slusher

1 minute read

In the Developer Program, we have been soliciting platform feedback for some time now. Your feedback has gone into product planning around developer tools in the New York, Orlando and Paris releases. We absolutely want to continue to get your feedback but there is a more permanent and robust place for that now - the Idea Portal in Community. Not only can you submit your ideas there, but you can vote on other submissions and track the state through its lifecycle.