OAuth Tokens

Josh Nerius

2 minute read

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_yHYAPDpvw The live coding team: josh.nerius, ctomasi This week, we returned to the topic of OAuth and learned how to generate OAuth tokens per user instead of per REST Message/Method. When calling some APIs, sharing a single token between every user in ServiceNow is not always appropriate and instead we want each user to have their own token. Examples: Calling the Dropbox API and interacting with the currently logged in user’s files Calling the GitHub API and forking repositories on behalf of the current ServiceNow user Video Index 00:00 - Intro

Josh Nerius

7 minute read

In Inbound OAuth Auth Code Grant Flow Part 1 - Getting Started with Postman, we configured Postman to use the new OAuth functionality available in Istanbul. In this post, we’re going to implement this functionality in a real web application. A Few Notes About the Node.js “My Work” App The ServiceNow Interfaces team has released a series of sample applications that demonstrate the use of ServiceNow APIs. These apps are available on GitHub here, and are great resources for learning more about ServiceNow APIs and getting some example code up and running quickly.