Developer Program

Dave Slusher

6 minute read

Photo by Metassus, licensed CC BY 2.0 The Developer Program has grown steadily since it was announced at Knowledge15, and along with that growth has been a corresponding increase in developer instance usage. The ability to give these away for free use for the community of ServiceNow developers is a great benefit and has reaped benefits for the entire ecosystem. However, it does come at a cost. The program was granted a dedicated chunk of infrastructure, and then another chunk later.

Patrick DeMartine

8 minute read

2016 Developer Survey Thank you to the 2,646 developers that responded to the survey that was conducted in January. We appreciate the time, feedback and the insights you provided us. This information will play a vital role in continuing to shape the Developer Program around your needs. Below is an infographic of the results followed by a more detailed explanation of each section. Please give us your comments and thoughts below as well.

Dave Slusher

4 minute read

When we answer the feedback from the Developer portal, the biggest single topic are questions related to the developer instances. The bulk of these break down into one of two buckets: 1) My instance was reclaimed from inactivity - how can I get that restored? 2) I want to request an instance but it says none are available. Now what? Let’s look at both of those situations with some tips on avoiding negative impact on your development experience.