Earl Duque

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Would you like to be a ServiceNow Developer MVP? The Developer MVPs are a collection of ServiceNow developers who are passionate about ServiceNow and inspire other developers by sharing their extensive knowledge openly and inclusively. They help, encourage, and enable developers of all skill levels and types succeed in building and developing on the Now Platform.

We want everyone reading this to make sure to read our criteria emphasis on Participation, Not Reach, you never know if you might be our next Developer MVP!


In addition to the fame and great renown that comes with being a Developer MVP, you get a dedicated Slack channel where you can bug your fellow MVPs and developer advocates at all hours. Our Developer MVPs also receive a nice recognition gift for being selected.

Our Developer MVPs also get first-look access to upcoming product and development roadmaps. We also invite our Developer MVPs to be the voice of the developer community by participating in feedback sessions with Product Managers here at ServiceNow.


As far as selection criteria goes, we’ll be looking at contributions to the community in the following categories over all of 2022. This includes:

  1. Public Presentations/Talks - These are typically Knowledge or CreatorCon breakouts and workshops or presentations at Developer Meetups. Public presentations help share knowledge and inspire other ServiceNow developers.

  2. Community Contributions - The contributions could be through the ServiceNow Community and/or on the SNDevs Slack community. Interacting with and helping the community of ServiceNow developers is a way for MVPs to give back and help enable other developers.

  3. Share/GitHub Contributions - Apps and utilities uploaded to Share or to a public GitHub repo can serve as examples and helpful tools for other developers.

  4. Technical blog and video content and coding live streams.

  5. Social media interactions that are positive, engaging, enabling, and help to build the community.

  6. Participation in other developer program activities such as Hacktoberfest, Mentorship program, being a Meetup organizer, or participating in our campaigns like the #buildwithAES challenge.

Participation, Not Reach

We want to be transparent and emphasize that this has never been and will never be a popularity contest. We do not select Developer MVPs based on the reach or engagement of their contributions, we simply want to see that you are indeed contributing. We love any developer who is passionate and who shares their knowledge, regardless of how many views, likes, or re-shares their content gets.


We expect ServiceNow Developer MVPs to maintain professional, open-minded, and inclusive interactions and language while acting as a Developer MVP and to contribute to the developer blog, youtube channel, meetups, and events like CreatorCon. You will also be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). ServiceNow Employees are not elligble.

Candidate Submission Process

If you are interested in becoming a 2023 Developer MVP there are two steps:

  1. Login to devprogramresources.service-now.com using a google account. If this is your first time logging into this instance (for most it probably is) you’ll need to visit the instance and click the Sign in with Google button. That will register your google account with the instance and an approval will be generated to the Developer Advocate team (please give us at least one US business day to approve before reaching out). Once we approve you’ll get an email telling you to login. This instance is not connected to standard ServiceNow SSO.

  2. After logging in to the instance you’ll be taken to the dev program portal. Click MVP Candidate Submission to visit the submission form. Fill out the form as fully as you can, but once you submit you can come back and add more later if necessary. Please add links to any content you’d like us to consider in the “other links” section.

You’ll be able to make changes and add links to your submission through December 31, 2022. At that time your profile will be locked and we’ll inform everyone whether or not they were selected as a 2023 Developer MVP by the end of January 2023.

If you’re on the fence about submitting, I would encourage you go ahead and do it! If you have any questions you can reach out to a developer advocate via twitter, linkedin, or sndevs slack.