Andrew Barnes

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Now Creators

A new program to highlight your achievements in the Now ecosystem. Connect with other innovators and problem solvers through the Now Community. Visit Now Creators to setup your profile. On the site you can check out your badge progress towards Administrator, Developer, Implementer, Business Process Analyst, and Service Owner.

My Profile

As you can see from my profile above I have opted to share some badges, bio, location, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All of these are options to configure via the Edit Now Profile option. Once your profile is setup, there is a handy share URL.

Share URL

The badges can link you to a variety of resources. Some point towards Now Learning, Community, Developer, and Training sites. I used the site to complete the first tier of Developer, Star. The micro-certification for ServiceNow Platform Subscription Model had to be completed on the Now Learning site for me to complete that tier.

More Badges are going to be added to the Now Creators space over time. I will update you when the next round of developer centric badges get released and are available to earn and display! Who will be the first to share their Developer Legend badge in the comments?