Brad Tilton

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The Now Platform Paris release is now Generally Available! Now that Paris is GA that means that our early access period is over. During the roughly eight weeks of early access, we’ve posted deep dive blog posts on our pro-dev tooling, upgrades and ATF, Flow Designer, IntegrationHub, mobile, virtual agent, and more. We’ve also covered many of those Paris release features on our weekly Live Coding Happy Hour show.

You can use the tagging and search capabilities on this blog or on our Youtube Channel, or you can take a look at our Paris Overview blog where we’ve added links to every piece of Paris release content that we’ve published.

Other Topics

Though we’ve already covered most of the features we think developers should know about in the Now Platform Paris release, there are more that we think are important but weren’t able to cover during the early access period. We will cover some of these in more detail over the next few weeks.

You can find a more comprehensive (non-developer focused) overview of the Now Platform Paris release over on the ServiceNow Blog, and stay tuned for more Paris release specific developer focused content by subscribing to the Developer Program Youtube Channel or checking back here on the Developer Blog.

Let us know what you’ve thought of our Paris content, or if you’d like to see us deep dive into something specific by leaving a comment below or finding a developer advocate on your social media platform of choice.