Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

It is ServiceNow’s new release season! With the Quebec release in Early Access, we will show some enhancements targeted around being more effective and efficient as a developer. To get access to these new things, you have to upgrade! This article will be about three new features in Flow Designer. To view the whole list, check out the release docs.

Flow Designer New Look and help

Flow Designer has been updated to a new, modern look. You will find that things like the If/Else logic are more visually understandable and condensed along with the polished look.


The action picker has been updated visually as well as adding the most recent and popular selections in the interface.


Embedded help and a tour have been added right into the tool! New users can take a tour to learn how to create their first workflow, and the embedded help panel helps you out when you want to learn more while you are working.


Flow Variables

What’s this you say? Flow Variables!#@! Yes! Quebec has added flow variables to help solve the need to store some data with the flow, that isn’t directly tied to one of the records. If you have used the scratchpad in the legacy workflow editor, you will be familiar with this concept, game changer for complex logic in flows.

You create the flow variables from the More actions menu in the top right of the flow. Once created, it can then be adjusted via the set flow variables action under flow logic. I have created a little counter that will sit inside a for each loop in my flow to upload attachments. With that addition, I can know how many times I need to loop, as well as what position I am in that loop in case I need to do something different on the first or last item.


More transforms options

When working with data pills in any flow action, you have the option to perform transforms right from the data pill object itself. Some new additions to the options allow for things like getting display value, checking if values are blank, and simple math.


Let us know

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite change to Flow Designer is in Quebec or even Paris! On this week’s Live Coding Happy Hour we will spotlight some of the changes by working on some of our existing flows and leveraging flow variables.