Brad Tilton

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This post is being continually updated with links to our Quebec Release topic blog posts, Break Point podcasts, and Creator Toolbox (CTB), Live Coding Happy Hour (LCHH), and other video content.

Quebec is Released!

We here at the developer program are incredibly excited to announce the Quebec Release is now available on personal developer instances!

For this release, we’ll be highlighting a different product, feature, or product area each week for the next couple of months until general availability. Until then, here are the things we think developers should know about in the Quebec Release.

Overview Content

Quebec Release Highlights

App Engine Studio

App Engine Studio is a development tool for creators of varying skill levels to build applications that meet the immediate needs of your organization.

UI Builder

UI Builder, one of the main highlights of the Quebec release,B enables anyone to build new pages or customize existing pages for workspace and portal experiences using a vast library of ServiceNow design components and/or custom components.

Script Tracer

Script Tracer is one of the features we’re most excited about as developer advocates. The Script Tracer can help you filter your debugging search to quickly narrow down script problems.

Other New Features and Enhancements

Quebec Instances

There are three ways you can get hands-on a Quebec personal developer instance on the Developer site after logging in:

  1. If you already have an instance you can upgrade it by clicking Manage > Upgrade in the Your Instance widget on the left side of the homepage. In the dialog that comes up, choose Quebec.

    Upgrade to Quebec

  2. If you don’t have an instance and want to request a new Quebec instance you can do that by clicking the Request an Instance button.

    Request an Instance: paris

    In the dialog that comes up choose Quebec.

  3. If you already have an instance, but want to start fresh you first need to release your current instance (you will lose any development work) by choosing Manage > Release Instance in the Your Instance widget. You’ll need to wait 15 minutes and then you’ll be able to request a new instance from step 2.

Next Steps

Most, if not all, of the training on the developer site has already been updated for the Quebec release so you’ll still be able to do those courses and learning plans after upgrading.

Stay tuned to our blog and youtube channel for new Quebec themed content every week during the early access period. We’d also love to hear what you think about the new features available in this release, so feel free to hit up any of the developer advocates on social media, the community, or sndevs slack.