Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

It is ServiceNow’s new release season! With the Quebec release in Early Access, we will show some enhancements targeted around being more effective and efficient as a developer. To get access to these new things, you have to upgrade! This article will be about three new features in IntegrationHub. To view the whole list, check out the release docs.

REST API Trigger

A new trigger type has emerged! There have been several times when I created a flow and needed to front end that with a Scripted REST API (SRAPI). With Quebec you can create that SCRAPI right inside your flow with the new REST API trigger type! Inside the trigger you will get to set the path, roles, method, and parameters. The new endpoint will invoke your flow saving you quite a bit of multiple screen and record management all into a nice bundle inside Flow Designer. Take it for a spin today.


Connection Information Step

The new Connection Info step provides a handy way to get details about a connection and credentials alias entry. Provided are: Runtime Alias ID, Connection ID, Connection URL, Credential Value, and Credential ID.


Other IntegrationHub New items!

Let us know

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite change to IntegrationHub is in Quebec or even Paris! On this week’s Live Coding Happy Hour we will spotlight some of the changes by working on some of our existing integrations.