Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

It is ServiceNow’s new release season! With the Quebec release in Early Access, we will show some enhancements targeted around being more effective and efficient as a developer. To get access to these new things, you have to upgrade! This article will be about three new features in Analytics, Reporting, and Intelligence. To view the whole list, check out the release docs.

AI Search

New search! I am so excited about the new search capabilities released in Quebec. So, what do you get? The ability to deliver faster, personalized, and more relevant results that your users can take action on right from the search results window. Right off the bat, you will see faster, more actionable results. Still, since this leveraging machine learning will improve the relevancy model to deliver better results over time, it will get better over time. As part of the package, you unlock the power of natural language understanding to uncover the users’ intent and provide personalized results based on context.

One important thing to note is the new search does require extra hardware and thus is not available everywhere during the early access period.

Virtual Agent enhancements

A whole list of enhancements is available in the documentation. Right off the bat, one of the great things is combining AI Search and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with your topics natively. The NLU workbench helps manage and monitor your NLU across languages.

The ability to provide tailored experiences depending on the users’ context allows for more accurate engagement with your users. The new actionable notifications let users have interactable buttons right at their fingertips. A new guided setup helps unlock these features to get you going faster.


As a person that loves data-driven decisions, I keep my eyes out on the reporting space every release to see what more I can leverage easier with the enhancements. Quebec has added a couple of gems for you and me! Having NLU querying as part of condition builders is magical. Along that same line, you can craft reports with an NLU Query to more quickly craft the right report you are looking for. Freeing the Dev&Admins is the capability for report creators to build their own function fields right in their reports. Business calendars also make an appearance to add flexibility to how your organization needs to group dates.


Process Optimization

Highlighted on this week’s Creator Toolbox, process optimization is going to be super powerful for inspecting your current processes for improvement opportunities.