Earl Duque

2 minute read

Hey everyone! Here is a quick post about a new feature coming in Rome that will help everyone avoid licensing issues in Flow Designer.

Before Rome, users working in Flow Designer may create an entire flow with custom actions and realize later that they were not licensed for some of the actions used. Starting in Rome, while in Flow Designer, if an action or subflow in your flow of if a step in your action utilizes functionality that your instance is not licensed for, a polite warning message will appear:


These warnings:

  • Are warnings only. You can still publish your actions and flows.
  • Are enabled out-of-box starting in Rome
  • Checks against the current instance’s licensing API

These helpful warnings may show up…

  • When you’re copying an action


  • When you’re publishing


  • When you’re selecting an action


  • and in the banner if you hover over the new icon next to your flow’s name


Remember, you’re still able to do the action, it’s just a warning during design.

If you are looking for usage numbers and transaction counts, look for the “IntegrationHub Usage” dashboard in your app nav which was added back in the Orlando release.

IntegrationHub usage/subscription documentation can be found here.

Be sure to check out the Rome Release Resources post to see what else is coming in Rome and how to upgrade your PDI. Check out the release notes for Flow Designer here and all of Rome’s release notes here.