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Share Spotlight

Welcome to the Share Spotlight! Every Friday we will be spotlighting a project from the Share site on the Developer Portal.

Bulk Download & Naming of Update Sets

In this installment, we are looking at a utility called Bulk Download & Naming of Update Sets. In true shareable code fashion, this solves one discrete problem and solves it quite well. When you export and download an update set, you get a cryptically named file based on the sys_id of the update set record. That makes it unique but also doesn’t help for identifying a group of them on your local hard drive.

By installing this project, you get two features:

  1. The download will be renamed to match the name of the update set rather than sys_id

  2. A context menu item is added to the update set list view, allowing for downloading of multiples at a time.

Record View

Before installing

After Installing Project

After installing

For situations where you may have a number of update sets that need to be retrieved at one time, the combination of these two features might help you out quite a bit. Rather than drilling in item by item and clicking the “Export to XML” link in each, you can select multiples and download them all at one time. In addition, each one will be named according to its title rather than sys_id.

Before and After Downloads of the Same Update Set

Before and after view of the downloads

This does point out another different problem, which is that if you have a number of different update sets all named “Default” then you are trading one problem for another. By naming all your update sets sensibly then installing this project, those of you who are managing large groups of update sets in order to deliver functionality to test, UA and production might find your work a little easier.

If you want to comment on this or any of our Friday Share Spotlight items, feel free to use this thread on the community.

One of the side-effects of doing this series is realizing that there are many projects on Share that I wish I had installed a long time ago. Feel free to explore for yourselves and if there is a project you created that you have considered posting to Share, there is no better time than the present. Andrew Barnes recently highlighted how to do that .

Happy developing and happy exploring!