Update Sets

Earl Duque

12 minute read

One of the ongoing issues that we deal with in the Developer Program is the continuity of the free Personal Developer Instances (PDI). No matter how well intentioned you are, it is always possible to have a time period where you are out of the office and miss the email about your Developer Instance expiring. I don’t like the idea of anyone losing their work but there is only so much we can do to prevent it.

Dave Slusher

2 minute read

Share Spotlight Welcome to the Share Spotlight! Every Friday we will be spotlighting a project from the Share site on the Developer Portal. Bulk Download & Naming of Update Sets In this installment, we are looking at a utility called Bulk Download & Naming of Update Sets. In true shareable code fashion, this solves one discrete problem and solves it quite well. When you export and download an update set, you get a cryptically named file based on the sys_id of the update set record.

Andrew Barnes

4 minute read

Release Process Properly managing your development work and how it is stored and released is often as important as the development work itself. None of us want to have the management of our update sets jeopardize successful releases. I will share some of the tips and methods for making the ServiceNow release process easier from my experience managing the release process at multiple companies. Batching With the Jakarta release, and improvement to update set management was introduced.